AJK Will Soon Receive Its First Special Technical Zone

AJK Will Soon Receive Its First Special Technical Zone

AJK Will Soon Receive Its First Special Technical Zone

The Office of Special Technology Zones (STZA) and the Free Jammu and Kashmir Government (AJK) have agreed to establish the first AJK technology zone at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST).

For this purpose, the university administration has identified an area of 2,000 canals in the newly built Jari Kass campus. There are a total of 5,000 Channels on the current Kass campus, and the university is ready to allocate 2,000 Channels for the Special Technology Zone (STZ). The newly built campus has all the advanced technology departments such as computer science engineering, information technology, computer systems engineering, software engineering, information security engineering and other departments.

STZA Chairman Amir Ahmed Hashmi, along with AJK Prime Minister’s Adviser Chaudhary Iqbal, recently visited MUST on IT. MUST Vice-Chancellor (VC), Dr. Muhammad Yunis Caved informed about the newly built campus and its capacity. He said that MUST University is one of the best institutes of AJK. AJK GB provides technical training to thousands of students from all over Pakistan.

He said the university administration was ready to set up a STZ on the new campus. This will not only help improve students’ skills, but also provide them with employment opportunities. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will also increase commercial activity, and the region will become a center of trade and industry.

Speaking to ProPakistani, Chaudhary Iqbal said that AJK Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayum Naizi had already given principled approval for the establishment of STZ in AJK. After the approval of the PM AJK, the site was identified and the plan was shared with STZA.

He added that STZA chairman Jari Kass visited the town and praised the establishment of STZ. The AJK government will soon submit a formal application to the STZA for the establishment of the first AJK in Mirpur.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayum Naizi are expected to lay the foundation of the AJK’s first STZ in April this year.

Amir Ahmad Hashmi said that the place where the first STZ of AJK was developed is the most beautiful place in Pakistan. The creation of STZ will revolutionize the digital and e-commerce landscape of AJK. With the establishment of this region, the relationship between MUST and the software and technology industry will be developed.

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