Apple iPhone 12 mini review

Apple iPhone 12 mini review

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Little phone lovers rejoice! The Apple iPhone 12 mini is a pocket rocket that contains almost everything in a beautiful and compact box, from the usual flagship.

As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough, Apple has released a “mini” version of the flagship, which Sony and Samsung stopped producing years ago. While most phones these days have a screen close to a 7-inch tablet, the 5.4-inch iPhone is becoming one of the most exciting phones of the 12th millennium.

Aside from the lack of small phone competition, the Apple iPhone 12 mini is the cheapest option in Apple’s 2020 series. It looks great, has the highest pixel density of any iPhone in history, offers the same cameras as the main flagship, and still gets MagSafe – with a little warning.

Oh and look at this amazing blue color! The best small phone you can buy


The design part of the iPhone look is usually quite boring. You don’t really need to tell me what the new model looks like in general, because iPhones usually look the same.

The iPhone 12 series is a bit more the same, but not the same, and the Apple iPhone 12 mini is the device of choice in this area.

Apple used to make smaller phones – starting at 3.5 inches in the original release, but I mean the latest models like the SE – but so far the company hasn’t labeled the phone as a “mini” as a seal for the smaller iPad mini.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

The 5.4-inch screen may not look “mini” compared to the classic 4.7-inch size of the original iPhone or even the latest iPhone SE, but it’s older, including Apple’s Home button and thick bezels on the front. It has a design. style. In fact, it is a larger phone, despite the smaller screen.

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is really compact compared to the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and 6.7-inch Pro Max.

It’s really one of the smallest phones you can get right now, leaving the Pixel 4a behind, and it’s really the only truly compact phone out there. Those who want a phone that you can easily hold and use with one hand will love it.

The size also means it’s light – just 133g – so like me, if you support the weight in this way while holding the weight, you don’t normally have a tired pink finger.

In addition to making the phone incredibly small, Apple has revived the old design. In other words, the Apple iPhone 12 mini, like the other 12 models, is similar to the iPhone 5S and the first generation iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

In other words, it has very straight edges than the round gravel shape we have been accustomed to for many years. Apple did not say exactly why it returned to this style, but the Apple iPhone 12 mini looks great, as if the iPhone 5S was given makeup in 2020.

Apple offers an IP68 waterproof rating, and thankfully I didn’t throw the iPhone mini 12, but there is a Ceramic Shield on the front that aims to protect the screen (four times better drop performance than Apple). If you are interested, the glass rear frame is aluminum.

Apple iPhone 12 mini is available in different colors including Black, White, (Product) Red, Green and Blue. Introduced a new purple color at the 2021 Spring Event, where the company also announced the new iMac M1, iPad Pro M1 and AirTags.

Apple iPhone 12 mini


In addition to the new colors, Apple has revived something else, including this absolutely stunning dark blue model that I tested: MagSafe. This was previously used for MacBook chargers, so the cable was connected to the laptop magnet instead of pushing the male connector to the female port.

Although the smart system can pull the cable and make life easier without the risk of accidental damage, Apple has finally done it.

Well, the iPhone 12 is back for the series, if not for the lower charging port that still has the Lightning. It is used for a number of different accessories, including wireless chargers and boxes.

Apple iPhone 12 mini,

I just tried a silicone box, it didn’t really need a magnet, but my colleague David Price, editor of Macworld UK, says that the charger fits in place thanks to the magnets: “You don’t have to worry. already. placing your phone in a partially incorrect position on the charger ”and“ you can continue to use your phone wisely while charging wirelessly.

You can be sure that MagSafe works in official litigation and possibly in most third-party cases, and you can combine applications such as a built-in wallet to see if it’s a full-fledged business. Check out the best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12

MagSafe on the Apple iPhone 12 mini has one drawback, then I’ll touch on the battery life section.


Historically, mini versions of larger phones have been reduced several times compared to their older siblings. This is not Apple’s business, so the iPhone mini continues to offer a Super Retina XDR display using 12 OLED technology.

The 5.4-inch, 2340×1080 image size shows that this phone has the highest pixel density ever seen on the iPhone – 476ppi, so there is nothing but clarity here. It has all the features: True Tone, HDR, Wide P3 color, Haptic Touch, etc.

If you’re dealing with a wider market, the downside is the high refresh rate. Budget phones may even have 90Hz, but Apple is still committed to the classic 60Hz. Unfortunately, but it is not the end of the world

It’s an amazing sight then, but it’s an important dimension. When you consider that it is only 0.1 inches smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, it depends on where you come from.

Apple iPhone 12 mini,.

Those who come from an old phone with a home button design will really notice a difference. Either the 8 Plus’s favorite models are almost the same size on a smaller chassis, or larger if you’re using a classic 4.7-inch iPhone.

You will have to get used to the lack of a Home button and therefore the transition to Face Identification and Gesture Control with the notch at the top of the screen. You will get used to everything faster than you think.

Anyone with a bigger phone – I’ve moved on from the iPhone X – will see it more closely, especially for things like typing on the keyboard. But you still get used to it and it’s a nice phone to use with one hand.

Of course, if you don’t have small hands, it’s not ideal for things like watching videos or playing games in landscape orientation. However, I was able to play my favorite Alto’s Odyssey without much difficulty, which was a bit awkward to keep compared to the iPhone X.

The fact is that to get 12 thousand, you need a small phone, and if so, the guy does it well. The iPhone 12 comes in 6.1 inches, so if you’re thinking about which one to buy, there’s a big difference.

Features and Performance

I don’t want to bore you with a lot of features here, as the phone is not a particularly interesting area. However, it should be noted that key components such as the screen have not been discarded compared to the iPhone 12.

Apple iPhone 12 mini,.

It doesn’t even have less RAM (4GB on Pro models goes up to 6GB), so the title is Apple A14 Bionic chip and 64, 128 and 256GB memory options. As always, choose wisely without the built-in microSD card slot

With Apple’s own silicone and software, there is very little to say other than the silky smooth performance you’d expect from a flagship iPhone. I saw 12 mini-fights with almost nothing in two weeks of use. If you want to flatter a little, here are the benchmark points.

The bigger news here is that the Apple iPhone 12 mini supports 5G networks. Great news if you are already planning 5G or will be doing it on this phone.


Apple didn’t really pay attention to the mini, because the phone still has the same cameras as the usual 12 cameras. In short, this means normal and ultra wide dual 12Mp cameras. Pro models with telephoto lenses.

This is basically the same as the iPhone 11 nit. These days, it’s normal to see smaller improvements in this department. Again, it has many nice features, including optical image stabilization (OIS), aperture up to f / 1.6, a new 7-element lens, Smart HDR 3 and Deep Fusion.

iPhone 12 mini

Personally, I’m not worried about the lack of telephoto here, and I prefer ultra-wide photos. Both cameras perform very well in a variety of situations, providing detailed, vivid and vivid images.

Combined with the above software features, the device turns the phone into an excellent point and multiplier device. Ultra-wide-angle lens correction reduces the distortion of the eye that is common in this type of lens.

The most effective is the Night Mode, which can capture an impressive amount of detail in complete darkness. You can use it on both cameras, but it’s better to stick to the main sensor. Although you will have to hold the phone very still for a long exposure.

Some tiny niggles cover the way Portrait Mode is developed, but can sometimes still struggle. Thanks to Google’s program, the Pixel series has better examples that come to mind. In addition, I found the Apple iPhone 12 mini a bit difficult when it came to focusing on the macro level, and it took several attempts to fix it.

So the overall quality is excellent (including video up to 4K @ 60fps), but the camera app still worries me a bit. Major modifications, etc. Although easy to switch between, there is no parameter menu to change the video resolution or even turn on the network. All this must be done from the main phone settings menu, and there is no shortcut to it from the application.

Apple iPhone 12 mini review,
Apple iPhone 12 mini
Apple iPhone 12 mini
12 mini
Apple iPhone 12 mini
Apple iPhone 12 mini

Cameras at this end of the market should be great, so it’s no surprise that Apple owns them. You won’t see much difference from the new iPhone, but it’s even 12,000 better than my iPhone X.

Are you upgrading from iPhone 8 or earlier? Get ready to explode


The Apple iPhone 12 mini is smaller, which limits the amount of battery that Apple can fit inside. So it’s not surprising that the company estimates the shortest battery life in 12 bands during 15 hours of video playback, or 10 years, if you broadcast the video in question.

However, according to Apple, you will get only two extra hours in the statistics before the iPhone 12.

During a real test, I saw that the Apple iPhone 12 mini can pass one day without much fuss. But that’s not the case for games and Netflix, and so on. without dealing with it. As I said before, if you’ve always wanted to do something like this, this isn’t really the phone for you.

As my colleague David Macworld said in his review, “We had a good subjective experience with the permanence of the mine. Not surprising, not terrible, just. ” and that’s something I can totally accept

apple iphone 12 mini Battery

Managing a reasonable day of use depends on what you expect here. The result of five hours and 42 minutes in the Geekbench 4 battery test is not very impressive

It should be noted that Apple no longer provides a charger for the iPhone, so now you will receive only one cable. This is for a good environmental purpose, but the obvious stupid thing here is that the cable is USB-C, so not all old iPhone chargers or others floating around are compatible.

I mentioned earlier that the 12 mini has one downside to the MagSafe, and that is the 12W charging limit that others can handle 15W. That’s not the biggest difference, and Apple still lags far behind Android in terms of fast charging.

With the official £ 39 MagSafe charger, you can get the Apple iPhone 12 mini from scratch to 35% in just 30 minutes. If you buy a 20 W power adapter for £ 19, you’ll be charging up to 50% faster with the cable in the same 30 minutes.

I connected the USB-C cable to the 15W Pixel charger without the included part and was able to reach exactly 50% in 30 minutes.


You probably don’t need to talk much about iOS here, but version 14 brings some big changes worth noting.

In addition to being flawless and easy to use, Apple has added something I’ve always wanted on the iPhone: widgets. As someone who uses two phones, one Android and the other iPhone, the main reason I usually prefer Android is the widgets.

If this sounds familiar to you, these are small apps that run on the home screen, so you’re not limited to simple icons. They take up a variable amount of space and provide information without opening the specified programs.

It’s great, and there are countless things you can place around your home screen panels as you like. I especially like the “smart stacks” with a number of different pages that you can browse through, including weather, calendars, news, and music. Gone are the days when you had to open many different programs to get things done

Apple has also added an Application Library to view all your installed apps so you don’t have to store them alone or in folders on the home screen. The Program Library is found by swiping left and automatically categorizes programs


As you can imagine, the iPhone 12 is the cheapest in the 2020 series, starting at £ 12,699 / $ 729. Then everything goes up to £ 50 / $ 50 for 128 GB and another £ 100 / $ 100 for 256 GB. You can order directly from Apple and from places like Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, Currys PC World, John Lewis, Argos and Very.

This is a pretty good value in the iPhone world, and even compared to some Android phones, but if you consider the features you can get for half the price or less, this market has a better value.

The main competition is Google Pixel 5, OnePlus 8T and Samsung Galaxy S20.

However, there are very few small phones that come to mind, especially the Google Pixel 4a, and while budget isn’t an obstacle, folding phones like the Motorola Razr 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are pretty compact.

If you’re just looking at iPhones, the SE 2020 is another obvious choice for a smaller phone. It costs £ 399 and has a 4.7-inch screen

Take a look at our best iPhone guide and we have the best smartphone to see how it performs against Android competition.

12 mini.


There are very few things I don’t like about the Apple iPhone 12 mini (by mistake). In the world of typically large smartphones that are hard to store and use, it’s refreshing to see that Apple still offers something really compact for those who still want it.

For most people, the regular iPhone 12 is probably the best choice, but there will be many users who will be pleased with the small size of the mini.

While this saves you money by being the cheapest of the 12 product lines, there is virtually no discount as you get other features like the same display technology, processor, cameras and 5G support.

The small drawbacks are the lack of a charger in the box (currently there is only one cable) and the MagSafe wireless charger is a bit slower on this phone compared to others. Battery life is understandably shorter than other iPhone 12s, but charging is fast enough to charge you.

As always, there are cheaper Android alternatives – namely the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 – but none are as compact and luxurious as the Apple iPhone 12 mini.

If the price is right, this is the best small phone you can buy

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