Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Apple iPhone 13 Mini review

Our Decision

This isn’t a big update on the iPhone 12 Mini, but if you want a smaller, lighter phone and the price and battery life aren’t an obstacle, the Apple iPhone 13 Mini is an excellent choice.

If the numbers are correct and the iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 6% of sales during the iPhone 12’s peak sales, it’s safe to say that there isn’t much demand for a smaller phone anymore.

Release Apple iPhone 4, which was released in June 2010, and its 3.5-inch screen looked completely normal and usable. Now, more than a decade later, we are used to phones with a screen of about 7 inches. It’s not twice as big: the screen found on the iPhone 4 is four times larger than its real estate

Of course, the screen-to-body ratio has increased dramatically, so the iPhone 13 Mini can accommodate a 5.4-inch screen that is easy to operate.

It also fits easily in your pocket and is lighter than most modern phones, making it difficult to feel when you carry or hold it.

This makes it really great for minorities with special needs: those who want a mobile phone that is light, powerful, has excellent cameras, and is happy to spend a lot of money. Not to mention what was developed by Apple

If this describes you, you probably think that you now prefer 13 Mini or 12 Mini, which is cheaper than a year ago. 12 For those interested in whether to upgrade from the Mini: no. There is not enough difference to ensure this.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini review

Design And Build

Straight edge design Smaller notch The most obvious difference between the two mini phones is the color choice. Apple deleted the Purple and Green options and added Pink. There are Brighter Blue, More Blue Midnight, White Starlight color group and Darker Product (Red). You can buy one in the new “green” color from March 18, 2022.

It’s easy to laugh at Apple’s decision to move its rear cameras diagonally, as if it were to differentiate the 2021 phone from the 2020 phone, but if you’re thinking of appearing with the latest device, this is the distinguishing feature.

Elsewhere, the square-edged design, similar to the iPhone 4 in the iPhone 12 series (again), works as usual. If you’ve been an iPhone user for a long time, a small change is that the SIM card case is on the left side, not under the power button.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Review

It doesn’t make much of a difference, but the notch on the iPhone 13 Mini is a bit narrower, and the phone is a few grams heavier and slightly thicker than the 12 Mini.

If you’re used to a bigger, heavier phone, the iPhone 13 Mini will amaze you with its weightlessness and usefulness, despite its small size.

I was amazed at how quickly I adapted to watching videos and playing games – after a day or two, this 5.4-inch screen felt normal. The only downside was typing on a small keyboard. You need to learn to be a little more sensitive to stabbing the screen, especially if you don’t have little fingers. Apple’s app does a great job of finding where you want to click, but it doesn’t work very well on the iPhone 13 Mini, where instead of deleting the characters, they write “o” “i” and “m”.

Like the iPhone 12 Mini, it has IP68 water resistance, stereo speakers, Face ID, Lightning port and 5G support.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Screen

iPhone 13 Mini

4 inches 2340×1080, 476 ppi Higher 800 nits brightness Unlike in the past, when Apple’s smallest phone was cheaper and had lower features, the iPhone 13 Mini feels like a Mini flagship

Its OLED screen is sharp and vibrant, with the same wide viewing angles and the ability to display HDR images like its larger sister.

However, there is a corner cut: limited to 60Hz as usual 13. Pro and Pro Max do not take advantage of the refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which Apple calls ProMotion.

This is a relatively subtle difference, but it helps to make websites and social media news smoother. It is also cheaper than the 13 Mini, 13 Pro and Pro Max

Features and performance

Apple A15 Bionic processor 128 GB base memory Last year, for £ 699/699, you bought only 64 GB of memory, which is very limiting for most users. So the good news is that the iPhone 13 Mini comes with a minimum of 128 GB, but you can go for 256 or 512 GB – all the capacity is doubled compared to the 12 Mini.

As always, there is a faster processor. In everyday use, you probably won’t notice the difference, because even the A14 is still a very fast chip.

The iPhone 13 Mini, of course, never hesitated so much during my time with him. In iOS 15, navigation is hassle-free, apps run and run smoothly, and you can play as many games as you want. There is performance to spare

Apple iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 12 CPU comparison

To be precise, the iPhone 13 Mini Geekbench is 13% faster than the 12 Mini in the multi-core CPU test. But in fact there is not much context

With 4622 points, Google Pixel 6 (2897) is miles ahead of Samsung Galaxy S21 (3263) and OnePlus 9 (3492).

Yes, these are just synthetic indicators, but still a useful indicator of relative performance.

Similarly, the iPhone 13 Mini GFXBench showed good results in game tests. Note that the display is limited to 60Hz, so 60-s is the maximum achievable frame rate when performing screen tests, as we did.

It’s disappointing that Apple hasn’t upgraded its Wi-Fi to the latest 6E standard, but it’s light: the Apple iPhone 13 Mini has Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, NFC and 5G


13 Mini

Kinematic video mode Large and ultra wide cameras No macro change is minimal compared to the iPhone 12 Mini. There is a pair of 12Mp rear cameras: one basic “wide” and one ultra wide. Unlike the Pro and Pro Max, there is no zoom lens, but if you only have two cameras, everything you want is wide and ultra wide.

Apple says it uses a larger sensor that allows 47% more light for a wider camera, and the new ultra-wide camera shows more detail in darker areas of photos thanks to a “faster” sensor.

One reason for the cross-editing was to adapt the larger sensor sliding stabilization mechanism used for the main camera. It was exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, but this year it is even available on the iPhone 13 Mini. This means that the sensor moves to compensate for vibrating hands (or any movement), not OIS, where the lens is moving. Unlike the Pro and Pro Max, which also get OIS, there is no 13 Mini, so it’s disappointing that Apple insists on calling it “Sensor-shift optical image stabilization.”

Apple iPhone 13 Mini.

Jargon aside, these are great cameras, and the fact that they’re the same as the Apple iPhone 13 Mini means you won’t compromise by choosing a smaller phone.

The device is not the whole story, and if you combine it with the software, you can get excellent results.

Apple iPhone 13 mini Photos

Photos are great in good light, and portraits often add a nice blurred background that looks real. Strange hairstyles can go unnoticed and look blurry, but the overall effect is beautiful and works on the front camera as well.

In previous years, iPhone cameras were almost useless in the dark compared to the best Android phones, but Apple has managed to do so and can now compete in low light. There is no special Night mode. Instead, the Apple iPhone 13 Mini automatically selects a long shutdown speed and asks you to keep the phone still during the countdown.

He can take beautiful photos, but there are limitations: Leaves or other moving objects blowing in the wind will be blurred, as you can see in the foreground of Cutty Sark’s photo.

The results generally look quite sharp, but do not magnify, because you will see the effect of “oil paint”: there are no subtle details. It also tends to exaggerate shades, so night photos are not the most natural looking.

HDR is a bit improved and works well, but the big news is the new Cinematic Video mode, and it’s great to see it on the Mini, not just the Pro and Pro Max. This is essentially a portrait mode for video, allowing you to have a film-like blurred background in your videos.

iPhone 13 Mini

It automatically detects faces (and other objects) and keeps them in focus, but even better, the depth effect is not destructive. This means that you can then choose where to focus when editing clips (in the Photos program); This is the perfect feature for anyone who likes or needs to shoot videos. It can also record video in Dolby Vision HDR

The Kinematic mode is limited to 1080p at 30 frames per second: it doesn’t work in 4K, we can’t choose to record 24 frames per second in cinematography.

It should be noted that there is no macro regime, but most people will not be interested in it.

Battery life and charging

Supports 20W fast charging 15W MagSafe wireless charging 7.5W Qi wireless charging Apple knew that battery life is a weak point of the iPhone 12 Mini, and therefore talked about its improvements for the Apple iPhone 13 Mini. The A15 (like all new chips) offers better energy efficiency, but has a larger capacity battery: 2406 mAh in the 12 Mini and 2227 mAh

Apple iPhone 13 Mini review,

Allegedly, this adds two hours of additional video (three for video streaming) and an additional five hours of audio playback.

Apple iPhone 13 mini Charging

In lab tests, we found that on days of moderate use, it would run out between 15% and 25%. But I found it hard to sleep on the days when I was more involved with games, videos, and video editing.

Unfortunately, if you want a compact iPhone, this is a sacrifice you have to make. If you use a 20-watt charger, as Apple says, it will charge up to 50% in half an hour, and there is also support for 15-watt MagSafe charging and 7.5-watt Qi wireless charging.

Note that you do not remove the charger from the box, and the USB-C to Lightning cable may not be compatible with any of your current chargers with USB-A ports.

In our usual Geekbench 4 battery test – the screen was set to 120 nits – the Apple iPhone 13 Mini lasted six hours and 41 minutes, almost an hour longer than its predecessor.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini

In the UK, as mentioned, the iPhone 13 Mini is slightly cheaper than the 12 Mini, but in the US, prices remain the same.

The 128 GB model is priced at £ 679/699 from Apple, the 256 GB model is priced at £ 779 / £ 799 and the 512 GB model is priced at £ 979 / $ 999, which is hard to imagine for anyone who wants to pay that price.

Of course, there are other ways to buy it: you can trade the existing model and get a discount of 80-610 pounds ($ 110-790). These figures serve to strengthen the way British buyers pay more for their iPhones in proportion to US buyers.

Discounts are always available on iPhones, so take a look at the best places to buy an iPhone 13 Mini

And keep in mind that the iPhone 12 Mini is now cheaper, the 64GB version is £ 579 / $ 599 from Apple, and the 128GB version is £ 629/649. Take a look at our list of the best iPhones to see how they compare, or our selection of the best smaller phones to see several Android variants of similar size.


In many ways, the iPhone 13 Mini is still Apple’s best small phone. It’s hard not to think that it has the latest processor, improved cameras (and the new Cinematic fashion), more memory as a standard, and a slightly larger battery.

The only thing that keeps it at a similar price (or lower) is the shorter battery life than other phones and the price itself: it’s not a budget iPhone.

If above points doesn`t matters and budget is not an issue, you’ll be really pleased with the Apple iPhone 13 Mini.

It’s worth going to the Apple store or phone retailer, but still if you think a keyboard like mine is too small for convenience.

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