The best iPhone 2022

The best iPhone 2022

What is the best iPhone you can buy?

1 iPhone 13 Pro5 iPhone 12
2 iPhone 13 Pro Max6 iPhone 12 mini
3 iPhone 137 iPhone 11
4 iPhone 13 mini8 iPhone SE 2022
Best iPhone 2022

You've decided to buy a new iPhone, but it's not as simple as before: if you used to have to decide on memory capacity and color, now there are several iPhone models in each. with pros and cons

So what is the best iPhone to buy right now? It really depends on what you want to get from your smartphone.

iPhones come in all shapes and sizes, with different camera options and other unique features that set them apart from the Android competition, and we've compiled the best iPhones to buy right now.

The best iPhone 2022

1 iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is currently the best iPhone for most people. In terms of performance, battery and camera, it offers significant improvements over the iPhone 12 Pro, and unlike last year, there is no difference between the iPhone 13 Pro and the Pro Max other than the screen size, so you don't have to spend any more money. . On the largest iPhone to get premium features.

One of the key new features is the 120Hz ProMotion display - something iOS owners have been waiting for for a while, and it's impressive. The adaptive refresh rate can increase up to 120Hz during sliding and gaming, and can drop as low as 10Hz whenever possible to save battery life. The screen is also brighter than ever, ideal for outdoor use.

The rear triple camera also has improvements, including a basic 12Mp snapper with OIS technology that replaces the sensor previously used exclusively for the 12 Pro Max, and an improved f / 1.5 aperture for better low-light photography. The wide-angle camera, which serves as a macro camera, and the extended telephoto lens, which now offers 3x optical zoom, also have similar improvements in low light.

Like the rest of the iPhone 13 series, you'll find the A15 Bionic combined with a minimum of 128 GB of main memory and up to 1 TB. As with the iPhone 13, the performance is high. In fact, when it comes to the iPhone 13 Pro, there isn't much to like other than the high starting price.

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2 iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Unlike the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are differences with the iPhone 13 Pro, which makes it a little less attractive this time around if you're not a big-screen fan.

This is a large 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with the same 120Hz ProMotion technology as the iPhone 13 Pro, and can vary between 10-120Hz depending on what you're doing. At its heart is the same A15 Bionic, although it has a dubious impact on RAM compared to other models.

Like the iPhone 13 Pro, this is the shining camera part of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Equipped with a 12Mp main camera with modified OIS with the same sensor and a wider f / 1.5 aperture, the 13 Pro Max can take great photos both day and night. It also benefits from the improvement of ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, and Apple ProRaw video recording is also available for professional videographers.

The place where the iPhone 13 Pro Max really shines is in the battery compartment; Offering an extra 2 hours compared to the already impressive 12 Pro Max, it not only surpasses any previous iPhone, but also keeps up with the best Android competition.

On the downside, the larger screen and battery indicate that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a fifty beast and noticeably heavier. Combine this with the extra initial price and nothing unique in the latest Pro Max, it's just for those who want a really big screen.

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3. iPhone 13

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is an ideal choice for most people. Although it has aluminum tape instead of higher-grade stainless steel, it has the same overall form factor as the iPhone 13 Pro, despite having a similar level of performance at the heart of the same A15 Bionic chipset.

Previously exclusive to the highest-end iPhone 12 Pro Max, it has excellent camera performance that supports Sensor-Shift OIS, and has a 2-hour leap in battery life compared to the previous model.

But while the overall experience has improved, there are some areas where the iPhone 13 is lacking. Pro models are limited to 120Hz to 60Hz, and when you get an ultra-wide camera with macro photography capabilities, you won't find a telephoto lens for portraits in the near future. There is also a slower maximum charging speed, which should be taken into account.

However, none of this completely breaks the deal, and if you're not too anxious to have the best of everything, the iPhone 13 is still an excellent flagship smartphone at an attractive price point.

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4. iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini

If the iPhone 13's 6.1-inch screen is a bit big because you like it, the iPhone 13 mini is the iPhone for you.

The A15 Bionic, complete with Apple's Super Retina XDR display (though smaller at 5.4 inches) and improved basic and ultra-wide lenses, offers the same iPhone experience as the standard model, supporting OIS as a higher-quality touch change. models. , but in a smaller form factor.

The iPhone 13 mini is a great one-handed iPhone, but the smaller screen means it's not optimal for watching YouTube videos and movies on Netflix.

The smaller size means that while the battery life is better than the 12 Mini, it generally cannot compete with larger models. It also suffers from the same indoor 12W MagSafe load compared to the 15W in the other series.

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5. iPhone 12

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is our favorite among all the iPhone 12 series, and the reduction of the iPhone 13 after its release is now even more attractive.

The iPhone 12 not only has an updated angle of view reminiscent of the iPhone 5, but also has the same Super Retina XDR OLED display technology as the iPhone 12 Pro series and offers significant improvements over the iPhone 11.

In the center of the iPhone 12 you will find Apple's A14 Bionic. It already offers significant improvements over the capable A13 Bionic, and our benchmark results support that. Despite being one year old, it is still one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

You can't get the triple lens design of Pro models without a 2x telephoto lens, but you get a 12Mp wide sensor with low light performance and it stays as good as it gets ultra-wide. You can access the same Dolby Vision HDR video recording technology as the iPhone 11. Pro models, although limited to 30 frames / s.

You'll get better battery life, faster performance, and camera improvements with the iPhone 13, but now it's easier than ever to justify an update as the iPhone 12's price drops.

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6. iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini

If you've given up on the iPhone 12's giant screens, the iPhone 12 mini is likely to be the model for you. With a 5.4-inch screen, it may not look very small, but thanks to its frameless design, it is actually slightly smaller than the iPhone SE. Smaller design, more screen space - what do you dislike?

Aside from the size, it is almost the same as the iPhone 12 with the same Super Retina XDR OLED display technology, A14 Bionic processor, dual camera setup, 5G connection and support for MagSafe accessories, but the wireless charging speed is reduced to 12 W.

It's also the cheapest version of the iPhone 12, as the iPhone 13 series is here and makes a deal for those looking for a small-screen iPhone.

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7. iPhone 11

iPhone 11

There was no need to rewrite the iPhone 11's smartphone rules book to win - it simply had to boost the Xr's success, and that's exactly what it did.

The standard iPhone 11 has a beautiful glass back design and comes with various finishing options. Face ID is faster than ever, and the niche telephoto lenses of the iPhone XS series have been replaced by more useful ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Unlike the iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch screen isn't OLED, but it still offers a good experience, and performance with the same A13 chipset as the 11 Pro series is at its highest here - even when playing demanding games like Oceanhorn 2.

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8. iPhone SE (2022)

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a phone dedicated to working on form, prioritizing performance and camera features over design or aesthetics to enter the budget market. With the A13 Bionic and a single 12Mp rear snap, the iPhone SE delivers advanced performance at about half the price and is a huge success.

However, the focus on design makes it a very different iPhone from Apple, and there are a few disappointing elements, including a fairly budget 720p LCD screen and outdated design. But the biggest disappointment is the battery life - if you need the iPhone's small form factor, be prepare to carry a battery pack with you all day.

Again, if you want a reliable camera, fast performance and years of warranty iOS updates without breaking the bank, this iPhone is for you.

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It should be noted that older models, including iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and even iPhone X, are still available in third-party retailers that want to replace the remaining stock.

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