BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

The best laptops of 2022 may have different brands, prices and features. Here are the rest of the best laptops, Windows 10 business laptops, gaming equipment, Chromebooks, school laptops and 2-in-1 converters. Our current choice for the best laptop of 2022 is the MacBook Air. A device that does almost everything right. Of course, this is not a perfect device, but it has no drawbacks. It is an excellent choice for productivity, search and even light gaming.

We live in a world where smartphones are everywhere, tablets are commonplace, and even smart watches that people talk about on a regular basis. But thanks to all these improvements, the modest laptop stopped – and for good reason. When it comes to work, we are here with our best options to help you find the best laptop for work, whether it’s photo editing, writing lots of emails, creating documents, or keeping in touch with colleagues and family. It’s getting harder and harder to get the best laptops, but what sets the best laptops of 2022 apart from good laptops is how they balance power, efficiency, portability, and convenience.

The best laptop should have an excellent keyboard and trackpad – these are the two biggest reasons to choose a laptop instead of a smartphone or tablet. At best, its screen should be bright and sharp so that curved edges and visible pixels do not distract. It should be strong enough for many things other than heavy video editing and advanced gaming. It should be easy to move from one place to another and be able to stand all day without being connected to the mains. In our opinion, the best laptop for budget buyers is the HP Envy x360 13. Same performance with more expensive laptops for less than $ 1,000. Our other options for the best laptop, Chromebook and 2 in 2022 include Asus ROG Zephyrus G15, MacBook Pro 16 and HP Specter x360 14. If you are looking for a powerful machine that does not compromise on portability, see below for a complete list of the best gaming laptops or a summary of the best laptop options.


BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Equipped with Apple’s M1 processor, the MacBook Air is the best laptop you can buy. The base model with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory starts at $ 999. In terms of appearance,

This laptop has a lot in common with Apple’s MacBook Air, which was introduced earlier this year, including the same 2560 x 1600 display, Touch ID, 720p webcam, fingerprint sensor and scissor keyboard. But here the star of the show is the new processor; fast. In our test, it handled heavy photo and video editing workloads better than almost any Intel-powered laptop we tested this year. He was also able to run Shadow of the Tomb Raider at playable frame rates, which is great for integrated graphics. Initially, these programs were not yet optimized for the M1 processor and worked on Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation layer, but they still worked well. And the processing power did not reduce the battery life: we worked from eight to 10 hours without interruption.

Another advantage of the M1 processor is that it allows the MacBook Air to run iPhone and iPad applications locally on macOS. According to this article, many mobile applications are not yet available, and some released are not fully optimized for the laptop screen. However, it is a benefit that we can look forward to over time. In general, there is no reason for a common customer not to consider a MacBook Air. This is a reliable device with excellent performance and excellent build quality, which is popular with Apple. Powerful users who need a MacBook Pro probably know who they are; The weather should be good for everyone.


BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the most powerful laptop Apple has ever produced. If you are willing to pay the price (and this is a very high price), you will almost be satisfied with what this machine can do In our tests of various creative tasks, including coding, reading, and export time, the MacBook Pro 16 was better than any laptop we’ve used so far – some of the only other machines that are close to the job. Our criteria are high-end desktop computers. Battery life also breaks the record.

The 16-inch configuration with the M1 Pro processor took 16 hours in my tests, making it the longest-lasting laptop we’ve ever seen. (The M1 Max configuration doesn’t take long, but it still saves us a day Elsewhere, we have no complaints about the latest MacBook Pro.

It has an amazing screen that can reach 1000 nits while playing HDR content. It combines this with the best set of speakers we’ve ever heard from a laptop. If you’re looking for a machine that can handle demanding workloads while serving as an excellent multimedia device after hours, the MacBook Pro 16 is the best device for you The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is a creative powerhouse equipped with Apple’s latest silicone. The 16-inch display, which can be configured with the M1 Pro or M1 Max, can accommodate up to three external displays and a 4K TV at the same time thanks to the large number of ports.


BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

It’s hard to make a complaint about the Specter x360 14. It is an absolutely magnificent machine with a solid structure and high quality appearance and feel. But the Specter x360 14 is not only beautiful to look at: it is also very pleasant to use as an everyday business driver.

Intel’s latest 11th Generation processors and Iris Xe integrated graphics provide fast performance without the slowdowns and freezes we observe. And we got an average of 10 hours of battery life from the device – one of the best we’ve seen so far. Externally, the Specter has a large 3: 2 display, and if the FHD image doesn’t suit your taste, OLED and 1000 nits options are available.

There is even a packaged pen that attaches to the side of the Spectrum with a magnet – useful if you use this device as a tablet. From a comfortable keyboard and smooth touchpad to a choice of bass and practical ports, almost every aspect of this laptop competes with or surpasses the best convertible on the market. Such an exceptional set of features does not come cheap, and many customers will find everything they need in a cheaper product. However, the Specter x360 14 is the new gold standard for Windows converters. In general, this is the best Windows laptop you can buy.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

At just over four pounds, the Zephyrus G15 is one of the lightest 15-inch gaming laptops you can buy. But you don’t sacrifice performance for this shipment. The G15 is equipped with the best mobile chips offered by AMD and Nvidia, combined with a fast 165Hz QHD display. In our tests, the system was able to control even the most demanding AAA games with QHD resolution.

Almost everything about the G15 is great: the sound sounds good, the keyboard and touch panel are one of the best on the market, the choice of port is almost everything you need, and the battery can last more than eight and a half hours for charging. If you are looking for a high-powered gaming machine that works well as a daily driver, the Zephyrus G15 should be at the top of your list.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Asus surprised us this year with the Chromebook Flip CX5, a magnificent $ 800 laptop running Chrome OS. It is as solid and well-built as any Windows laptop at a high price, and has a unique smooth texture. This includes Intel’s 11th generation processors and full-fledged laptop features, including a 57Wh battery that provides fast performance, long battery life and fast charging.

You get all kinds of ports, including HDMI and microSD slots. The speakers sound great and the keyboard is comfortable. The Asus CX5 hasn’t compromised on chassis or performance – if you’re looking for a big-screen Chromebook, it’s a must-buy.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Even if you’ve used a lightweight laptop before, it’s hard to describe how light the LG Gram 17 is. It has a huge 17-inch screen, but for some reason weighs only three pounds. Picking it up surprises you; You feel like you haven’t caught anything.

However, the weight of Gram 17 is not the only point of attention. It also has the best battery life, lasting more than 12 hours in our tests. Add the perfect keyboard, solid port selection, silent fans and a fast processor, and there are very few things you don’t like about this device.

Not everyone needs a 17-inch screen, and many are probably looking for a heavier workstation that isn’t often portable. But if you really want a big screen for your daily office work and Netflixing, the target demographic for this machine is you. It’s a niche, but it’s a really impressive device without much real competition in today’s market.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

You don’t have to spend $ 1,000 to get a laptop that looks and feels great. The HP Envy x360 is the most affordable laptop you can get thanks to its rugged and compact design, sleek convertible design and excellent performance.

One of the things that makes Envy so great is that it carries a number of elements from HP’s excellent flagship of 2019, the Specter x360, including a thin and light chassis, an 88 percent screen and a bezel-less display. body proportions. The touch screen (supports HP’s MPP2.0 pen) is bright and looks great. (You can choose 300-nit, 400-nit or 1000-nit panel). HP has added a number of useful hot keys to the keyboard, including an emergency key for the microphone and webcam.

But the most interesting feature is inside: The new Envy x360 is equipped with AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series. The Ryzen 5-4500U in my model did a great job with a very heavy multi-load. AMD’s integrated Radeon graphics provide better gaming performance than you might expect from a low-power discrete GPU.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

If you’re looking for a convertible laptop that does almost everything right, we recommend Dell’s latest XPS 13 2-in-1. It has a sturdy and well-built chassis, a virtually limitless 16:10 touch screen, and Intel’s latest 11th generation processors.

The $ 1,099 base model includes a Core i3-1154G4, 8 GB of RAM, a 1920 x 1200 display and a 256 GB SSD. You can set it up to 3840 x 2400 display, Core i7-1165G7, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD. There are various extras: You can pay an extra $ 50 for a white model and $ 60 for an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. In principle, there is something for everyone.

Dell has made a few minor changes to its 2-in-1 model since last year’s model. The webcam now supports Windows Hello, and the RAM and microSD reader have been improved. But the interesting news is the new chip, and especially Intel’s new integrated graphics. The XPS 13 2-in-1 Adobe Premiere Pro performed better in our export test than any 10th Generation laptop with an iGPU. You can even play some games on this theme: he broke 60 frames / s in Rocket League, League of Legends and Overwatch, and even managed 36 frames / s in the lowest settings in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This is an improvement on the results we get from 10th Generation systems, and at the same time surpasses some 11th Generation systems (including the Dell XPS 13 cover).

Certainly not perfect. The choice of port is limited (as in modern XPS models) and the keyboard is a bit flat to my taste. But overall, it’s superior on a 2-in-1 basis: quality, display, performance, and battery life. What more could you want?

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Dell XPS 13 is a compact and reliable laptop. Its beautiful chassis, excellent 16:10 screen and excellent performance make it an excellent choice for general purpose users.

This latest model of 2020 is powered by Intel’s new Tiger Lake processors from the Core i3-1154G4 to the Core i7-1165G7. It starts at $ 999, so it’s a little cheaper than 2-in-1.

My overview unit (model i7) performed the tasks I was supposed to do without any slowdowns or overheating. He did a very good job and easily defeated his 10th generation predecessor in both gaming and media. The XPS 13 has not been as successful as the 2-in-1, so this model ranks higher on this list. But if you like the look and feel of the XPS 13 and prefer the cover model (or need a faster keyboard), this XPS is still a great choice.

The XPS 13 also has an OLED model that costs $ 300 more than the FHD. This model has a worse battery life, but offers an amazing screen.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

In many ways, the ThinkPad X1 Nano is a standard ThinkPad. It has a sturdy, sturdy chassis, separate clicks, a physical privacy cover, a red TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard, and any business-specific security and management features.

But the Nano is special because it’s the lightest ThinkPad Lenovo has ever produced. It’s also one of the lightest laptops you can buy for just £ 1.99. You don’t have to sacrifice your performance to gain this amazing weight: Nano continued our heavy test workloads without any fan noise or noticeable heat. If you are looking for a reliable business laptop that feels like there is nothing in your portfolio, this is for you.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Lenovo Chromebook Duet is an excellent convertible laptop for kids or anyone who wants a reliable secondary drive to walk and play games. It’s a nice-looking, well-designed 10-inch device and comes with a removable keyboard and stand.

Weighing in at just 2.03 pounds and offering more than 11 hours of battery life, the Duo is specially designed for home and road use. The MediaTek processor isn’t designed to handle heavy loads, but it’s great for navigating multiple tabs, browsing Netflix, or playing Android games – it even manages photo editing pretty well. The duo also includes a new “tablet mode” for Chrome OS, which supports a gesture navigation system inspired by Android and a unique Chrome design optimized for tablet use.

The Chromebook Duet is a complete steal due to its low price and is a Chromebook that you can buy if you have a tight budget.

The Chromebook Duet has a long battery life and at the same time has a 16:10 aspect ratio to fit more content on the screen. The duo can be used as a tablet or laptop. On the downside, it has only one USB-C port and no 3.5mm headphone jack.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Razer is known for its best gaming laptops, but the company is making a big leap in performance and productivity with the new Razer Book 13. At 0.6 inches thick and weighing 3.09 pounds, the Book 13 is a beautiful and sturdy portable workstation. aluminum structure. It has a good port selection, including the Thunderbolt 4, USB-A, HDMI 2.0 and a microSD slot, making it one of the very few non-gaming laptops that comes with a RGB keyboard with every key.

Inside, this laptop is even more impressive. Its powerful chip, the Premiere Pro, has surpassed any other Windows laptop in its size in our media export test. While not a 13-game laptop, the book offers the best gaming performance I’ve ever seen from integrated graphics – it can even run Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 30 frames per second. While the high price of the Razer Book 13 means that it may not be ideal for everyone, it is an excellent universal laptop that combines a high-end chassis with powerful performance. The Razer Book 13 offers exceptional performance on outstanding chassis.

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Most thin and light laptops have a major weakness: their thin, noisy sound. Not so in Lenovo Yoga 9i. This 14-inch convertible has a rotating sound panel on the hinge, which means that the speakers look outwards no matter how they are placed. Whether you’re using 9i in tablet, tent, or cover mode, you can expect a clear, sharp sound.

There are more things to like. You get an excellent 1080p touch screen and a built-in pen to easily draw and mark. 11th generation processors provide satisfactory performance and all day battery life. Sound quality, screen and adjustable form factor make it an unrivaled machine for multimedia entertainment.

Lenovo Yoga 9i is a portable convertible laptop with excellent sound and a garage-filled stylus. This model comes with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD

BEST Laptop 2022 BUY THE BEST 15 Laptops

Due to its size and power, the Razer Blade 17 is a surprisingly cool and quiet gaming device. It combines Intel’s 12th Generation Core processors with Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series. Our model had a QHD 240Hz screen. With a thickness of only 0.78 inches, it is quite portable for such a powerful gaming laptop. And it requires only one piece of charger, so you can carry it in your backpack or briefcase without compromising power.

There are other things to like. For the office, there is an RGB keyboard that adds a touch of color to the Pro design without much distraction. Even outside of the gaming laptop world, we think it’s one of the best keyboard and track pack combinations you can find on the market. While the Blade Pro 17 isn’t cheap, it’s the laptop you should buy if you want the best of the best.

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