How to Change PTCL WiFi Password

How to Change PTCL WiFi Password

Looking for “How can I change my PTCL WiFi password”? Then you are on the right page where you will learn how to change your PTCL WiFi Password. Pakistan’s leading Internet service provider is Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL). There are many other internet providers but most people use PTCL broadband services in Pakistan. When a new Wi-Fi modem is installed, people choose to set a Wi-Fi password. It is safe to set or change your PTCL Wi-Fi password after installing a new Wi-fi modem or when you want to restrict your internet access due to privacy concerns.

Nowadays, when the internet has become as necessary as food and water, people use the internet to inform people all over the world and always want to be in touch with their loved ones. It allows users to access information from various sources and use it for various purposes such as education, health, business and more. A popular Internet service provider in Pakistan is PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) and most people have PTCL Wi-fi services to use in their homes and offices.

In this age of technology, it is also imperative to protect the privacy of your internet to ensure their security. We will recommend that you change your Wi-Fi passwords periodically. Many users do not know how they can change the PTCL router password. That’s why we’ve compiled the information in the form of a guide to assist you in the easy steps of changing a password.

Instructions to Change PTCL WiFi Password

To change the PTCL WiFi password, we need to follow these few steps, we will explain these steps in detail in this article for your better understanding. Always remember the following steps to change the PTCL Wi-Fi password:

  • Firstly, Open your web browser
  • Type IP address in the search bar
  • You will see a box for username and password.
  • Then, a new window will appear, Choose the Wireless option from the left panel.
  • Then select “wireless” > then “Security” from the default menu.
  • Finally, change the password and save the new password.

How to Change PTCL WiFi Password in 7 Easy Steps

Basic password changing steps as mentioned above, now learn all these steps in detail with complete instructions and pictures. To change the PTCL Wi-Fi password, you need to follow these steps correctly: .

1.   Open Web Browser

Open your browser in the first step, any browser which you like to use such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer.

2.   Type IP address in Search Bar

Open the browser and Go to the search bar at the top of the browser. On the search bar, type your IP address and hit the Enter key. Almost for all PTCL users, the IP address is For some new PTCL broadband users, the IP address is

3. Enter Username and Password

When you enter the IP address, you will see a box, asking for details:

Then enter your PTCL modem username and password. Basically, the modem’s default username is “admin” and the password is “admin”. If the PTCL Broadband modem username and password are not “admin”, you can also check the PTCL Broadband modem username and password on the back of the PTCL Router or in the modem box.

4. Go to PTCL Page

After entering the username and password, the Internet Service provider PTCL page will be open with options. You can see PTCL modem settings on this page panel. Then select the “Wireless” in the options list on the left-hand side of the page.

change ptcl wifi password

5. Select the Security Option

You will see the “security” option when you will drag down the wireless list,  click on “Security” from the options. You will see more options on the main page when you will click on security. Come at the bottom and check options, then you will see the WPA/WAPI passphrase bar here.

6. Set a New Password

Go to WPA/WAPI passphrase bar option to change the PTCL router password. Select the bar, it will show your existing password in a new window. Now, enter a new password (anything you want to set as a password) in the window or passphrase bar box.

Set a New Password

7. Save the Password

The last step is very simple. You also will see the Apply/Save button at the bottom of the PTCL page. Only click the “Apply/Save” button when you entered your name and new password. After this step, your new configuration will be applied and save on the PTCL WiFi router. However, the process of changing passwords or usernames is the same.

Your password for PTCL will be changed successfully with these easy steps. Restart your PTCL Wi-Fi router after password changing steps and your new Wi-Fi password will be updated on a router automatically. If you want to connect PTCL Wi-Fi on your device the first time, you have to enter a new password or if already you have connected your devices with PTCL Wi-Fi then first forget the network then again connect Wi-Fi with a new password. You can change your Wi-Fi password whenever you want by following these seven steps.

Wrap Up:

Hopefully, these steps will help you to change the password easily but still if you face a problem in changing the PTCL WiFi password then contact your service provider company. So, when you feel someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission, change your WiFi password immediately and keep your internet secure and fast with minimum users. Nobody other than you can use your WiFi without permission.

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