Future Versions Of Chrome And Firefox May Stop Websites From Crashing

Future Versions Of Chrome And Firefox May Stop Websites From Crashing

Future Versions of Chrome and Firefox may stop websites from crashing

Mozilla, the developer and parent company of Firefox, warned users in a new blog post about the implications of the release of Firefox and Chrome 100. Problems can arise when browsers analyze user-agent strings that contain three-digit version numbers.

The user-agent line is used by the web browser and contains information about the browser program, such as the browser name, version number, and supported technologies. When someone accesses a website, a request is sent to the browser’s user agent for the website. This allows the website visitor to check the browser version and change the response based on browser support.

Firefox and Chrome 100
When browsers initially switched from single-digit versions to double-digit numbers, some websites could not be displayed. However, this time both Mozilla and Google are preparing for new versions, which are expected to be released in early May and late March, with backup plans.

As early as August 2021, both Mozilla and Google conducted preliminary experiments to test three-digit user agents, and found that while most sites managed the transition well enough, a small number of user agents encountered significant errors when analyzing the line. three-digit version number.

Since then, Mozilla has been tracking bugs since the 100th update, and has found problems with websites, including those created by website developer HBO Go, Bethesda, Yahoo, Slack and Duda.

Both Mozilla and Google plan to continue testing for version 100 user agents until the official release (March 29 for Chrome and May 3 for Firefox). Both browsers have backup plans to ensure that users are not affected in the event of any unresolved issues prior to release.

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