Google, Edge And Mozilla Will Soon Start Crashing Some Websites

Google, Edge And Mozilla Will Soon Start Crashing Some Websites

Google, Edge And Mozilla Will Soon Start Crashing Some Websites

Chrome, Firefox and Edge users from all over the world have been warned about an update that could disrupt popular websites.

According to Forbes, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, users have been warned that a single update is imminent, leading to the crash of the world’s most visited websites. The update will affect four billion Chrome, Firefox and Edge users.

The move is due to the infamous Y2K bug where all three browsers will upgrade to version 1. ‘100’ causes websites to not be able to handle visits from browsers with three-digit version numbers.

Some of the sites already affected by the movement are T-Mobile, HBO Go, Yahoo and Bethesda.

When a user accesses the website, the site checks the browser version number for security reasons. If the site detects that the browser is not supported or is an older version, it may not be able to open some websites for fear of being compromised. The problem is that outdated codes on many websites only check the first two digits. Thus, Chrome, Firefox and Edge 100 will be read as ’10’ and will be blocked as a result.


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Many websites are upgrading to version 100 to force web developers to improve. Currently, the stable versions of Chrome and Edge are 98 and Firefox 97.

As a precautionary measure, Google plans to freeze the version number of Chrome in the ID code 99 as a precaution in case of failure of websites after reducing and improving this problem.

Mozilla also wants to take appropriate action and will reportedly try a combination of freezing the version number and making adjustments for individual websites. Microsoft has not yet commented on the matter.

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