Honda cars are being investigated for accidental braking

Honda cars are being investigated for accidental braking

Honda cars are being investigated for accidental braking

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating a problem that caused Honda Accord and CR-V SUVs to brake suddenly without driver intervention after numerous complaints.

These models are equipped with Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB) systems designed to apply the brakes autonomously when the driver is unable to do so when standing in front of the car or when a pedestrian appears in front of the car. The technology must first prevent or at least minimize the intensity of rear-end collisions.


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The Honda cars studied include the 2018 and 2019 model year Accord and the 2017-2019 model year CR-V. According to NHTSA, about 1.7 million of these cars are currently on the roads in the United States.

NHTSA received 278 reports of unexpected brakes on Accords and CR-Vs. According to their documents, six of these complaints were related to accidents, and some resulted in minor injuries. Several complainants found that their car had failed several times.

This was announced by Honda.

Honda will cooperate with NHTSA throughout the investigation process and we will continue to review the available information internally.

A number of US automakers have agreed to standardize AEB technology (also known as Collision Reduction System) for all cars sold in the United States. According to the Road Safety Insurance Institute, this mechanism is calculated by minimizing the number of collisions.


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Under the industry agreement, all cars and pickups sold in the United States will have the system by September 2022.

However, when these automatic braking systems fail and cause vehicles to stop or slow down suddenly for no apparent reason, this can lead to precision-type collisions designed to prevent AEB.

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