How Can You Sell Your Products In Daraz?

How Can You Sell Your Products In Daraz?

Advanced Guide to Maximizing Your Seller Account at Daraz
In the midst of a global pandemic, the only luxury of life to which we are all grateful is the Internet. This allowed us all to stay connected to one vehicle and manage our daily life tasks such as shopping.

Although almost everything is transferred to online platforms, it is not surprising that most people in the world also choose to shop online. Daraz is the most searched online shopping site in Pakistan. People not only use it as an online shopping platform, but you can also sell your products in Daraz.

Daraz, South Asia’s leading online shopping center, offers 20 million products in more than 100 categories on its website. It is not only a virtual marketplace for hundreds of thousands of customers, but also allows millions of sellers to connect with the world through their products.

If you are a potential seller of a product that can be turned into a profitable small business for you, Daraz is the platform you need to market and sell your product. Here’s how becoming a specialist is one of the fastest ways to grow your successful business.

Creating a Seller Account on Daraz

  • To sell your products in Daraz, go to and click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the website or go to the Sell Daraz section.
How Can You Sell Your Products In Daraz,

This will automatically redirect you to another website with four options.

  • DarazMall Seller
  • Local Seller
  • Global Seller
  • Digital Good Seller

Each option has a number of descriptions along with the features it allows. This allows you to classify the products you want to sell in Daraz. Read them carefully to choose the one that best suits your needs. Here is a summary to give you a brief guide on what each option has to offer.

DarazMall Reseller: If you are a licensed business or a registered company, this is the best choice for you.

Local Seller: Unlicensed vendors should choose this option.

Global Seller: If your goal is to take your product out of Pakistan and have an established business, this option is the best choice for you.

Digital Merchant: Those who want to sell digital products should prefer this.

How Can You Sell Your Products In Daraz..

After selecting the appropriate option, you will be asked to fill out a form that will require the following details.

Store Name: You need to create a store name that is easy to pronounce and short to remember. This way you will be recognized on the site.

Mobile Number: You must always provide a mobile phone number with you so that your potential customers can contact you from this number.

Password: Set an easy but unique password to keep your account private.

Email: Enter your business email ID that you check regularly. All your invoices and details will be sent to you here.

Verification: You will be required to scroll to prove that you are a human, not a robot.

Terms and Conditions: Check the terms box at the end of the form carefully. After doing this, your registration will be completed and you must continue.

How Can You Sell Your Products In Daraz

Adding Products to Your Account

After confirming the email id and phone number you provided earlier, you can proceed to the next step. In order to sell your product in Daraz, it is important to give as much information about the product as possible. This is where you can do it.

You will be directed to your control panel where you can add the products you want to sell.

Go to “Products” and move the cursor over it. You will find the “Add Product” option. Click on an option to continue and add details.

Category: It is very important to choose the right category for your product. The website will also give you suggestions on which category to choose.

Product Name: Choose a small and easy name for your product that your customers can easily recognize.

Brand: If your product belongs to a certain brand, you must indicate its name here, otherwise select “No brand”.

Video URL: Often there is a video in which sellers explain the product or demonstrate its features. If you have such a video, add a URL to this field, otherwise leave it blank.

Highlights: It is wise to include key features of your product in the notes in this section for easy understanding.

Product Basic Information: This is a section that contains the main features of your product, such as model, type, generation.

Inbox: It is important that you write in this section the most accurate details about all the products that the customer will receive if they receive your product. Your box should contain everything you mention here and should be free of any misinformation.

Media: Here you can add up to 8 real images containing your product. Make sure you demonstrate your product through them as much as possible.

Availability: You must enable this option to indicate that this item can be purchased. If you run out of goods, don’t forget to turn them off.

Price and Quantity: Set the desired and affordable price for your product.

Service and Delivery: Here you can specify package weight, warranty, package sizes, etc. You can add information.

Introduce Your Products To Daraz

Even if a website promotes your product, it is always wiser to market your product to stand out from the crowd. Personal marketing will not only make it easier to sell your product on Daraz, but also introduce you as a salesperson. Do this on your product, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can do this by writing a reflective blog. There are several ways to do this by creating and promoting on social media platforms such as

Additional marketing only allows you to generate more sales and achieve the goal you set as a marketer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind after installing your products:

  • Daraz will withhold your payment for 15 days after your product is sold. If the feedback is good and your product is not penalized, you will receive a fee from Daraz’s own commission.
  • You can choose Daraz Mall for the delivery procedure or choose your own method.
How to Delete Your Seller Account in Daraz?

If you change your mind about your Daraz sales account and want to stop all your account activity, you should contact the Help Center and follow their instructions to delete your account.

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