How to change Instagram username

How to change Instagram username

The name you first choose for your Instagram account can then be completely meaningful. However, as the world changes, everything changes, and you can see that you don’t see 1DirectionHotness or Blue & BlackNotWhite & Gold as you want people to see you.

The answer is simple: change your username and save yourself from the past and update your online identity.

Does changing your Instagram username affect your account?

The only thing that changes is your name. All your followers will remain the same, but you will now appear in their feed with your new title. Your photo stream will remain untouched and all the people you watch will still be there.

If you want people to know about you, it’s a good idea to use the same profile picture, or you can add your previous username in Bio until the people you value hear about the change.

how to change your username

It’s easy to give yourself a new username. Open the app (on iOS or Android) and tap the icon that looks like a person’s head and shoulders in the lower right corner.

This will take you to an account page that shows all your posts and follower details. At the top of the page is the Edit Profile button. Touch it.

How to change your username

You will now see all your profile information. To change your username, tap where you see it displayed, this will activate the keyboard. All you need to do is enter a new name, then when you’re satisfied with the updated title, click OK (iOS) or the Confirmation icon (Android) in the upper right corner.

Here, your identity is renewed. We also recommend that you change your password and enable two-factor authentication to keep your Instagram account secure.

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