How To Check The Number Of SIMs Released Against CNIC

How To Check The Number Of SIMs Released Against CNIC

In 2000, mobile phones became the norm for Pakistani citizens. Falling prices and easy access to the general public have increased the number of mobile subscribers in the following years.

Thus, there was a misuse of purposeful technology. It was soon discovered that many illegal activities and terrorist attacks were linked to unregistered SIMs.

To overcome these problems, the PTA introduced an improved SIM Information System in 2009. The system is designed to keep a digital record of SIM subscribers so that users can check the number of active SIMs issued on the basis of CNIC.

If you are unaware of the number of SIM cards issued to the CNIC, or want to check or block one of them, keep reading.

How many SIMs can be registered in CNIC?

First of all, it is important to understand that there is a limit to the number of SIMs that can be taken against their CNICs. According to the rules set by the PTA, a person can have a maximum of 5 SIM cards in his name at the same time.

If you have 5 SIMICs registered with CNIC and want to get another one, you must first block an unused SIM card to maintain the compatibility of a maximum of 5 SIMs.

How to check the number of active SIMs released against CNIC?

If you are unaware of the active SIM cards provided to the CNIC, it is important that you obtain this information as soon as possible.

There are two easy ways to do this:

Through the website:

To check the number of active SIM cards issued against your name, visit the PTA SIM Information Website.
The link will open a website asking you to enter your information.
Enter your CNIC number in the field provided.
Check the box to confirm that you are not a robot and click “Submit”.
A list of registered SIMs against that CNIC will be displayed in tabular form.
The number of SIMs will be classified by the operator, and the table will also tell you the total number of SIMs you have registered with CNIC.

Via SMS:

Here’s a brief guide to learning the number of SIMs registered via SMS at CNIC:

Open a text messaging app on your phone.
Type your CNIC number without a hyphen.
When done, send this message to 668.
You will soon receive a text message against each operator on the CNIC, indicating the total number of active SIM cards.
Please note that for every SMS you send to 668, you will be charged 2 PKR +.
If you know that the number of SIMs provided to CNIC is greater than the number of current SIM cards you use, you should contact the Customer Service Center of the relevant Company Operator.

What is SIM cloning and why should you be aware of it?

The process of duplicating a SIM card by transferring the identification information of the cloned SIM to another SIM card is called SIM cloning. Upon completion, a separate SIM card can be used by another person on a different mobile phone with all the information and payments related to the original SIM card.

SIM cloning is a common method used by many criminals to engage in illegal activities and make related calls using someone else’s identity. If you receive a call from your number that you did not make, immediately call the relevant mobile phone company and complain about the blocking of the SIM card that is working illegally.

PTA Biometric Verification System:

The PTA Biometric Verification System, or BVS for short, is an important step forward by the PTA to monitor the security of mobile subscribers and end illegal use of mobile phones. With this system you can easily:

Get a duplicate SIM
Activate or get a new SIM card
Change the ownership of another SIM card that was previously registered at CNIC
Check your SIM card again
Solve mobile number portability problems

How to get biometric confirmation of your SIM card?

To make sure that your registered SIM card is not blocked, you should check that you are using a SIM recognized by the PTA. To obtain a biometrically verified SIM, you must first verify that the SIM card is registered in your name.

How to verify the name of the SIM owner?

To learn the name of the SIM owner, you need to follow these easy steps:

Open a text messaging app on your phone.
Send a blank message to 667.
You will soon receive a reply text message indicating the name of the SIM owner to whom the message was sent.

How to block a SIM card registered in CNIC?

If you want to throw away any mobile SIM that you are not using, it is better to block it so that you are not responsible for the CNIC for this number. To do this you need:

Visit the nearest dealer or customer support office of the relevant mobile company.
You will be asked to show your original CNIC and fill out the appropriate form that will immediately block your required number.
Please note that the use of illegal or unregistered SIM cards is a crime and has consequences. If you use an unregistered SIM card or SIM card in someone else’s name, you should seek immediate action to avoid criminal activity.

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