How To Check Your Ufone Number

How To Check Your Ufone Number

Step-by-step instructions to find your Ufone number
When you buy a new SIM card, it is very difficult to remember your phone number and share it with your social circle. If you are in a similar situation and do not know how to check your Ufone number, continue reading this article.

Ways To Verify Your Ufone Number With USSD Code

  • Turn on the caller from your mobile phone.
  • Dial * 780*3# from Ufone SIM.
  • This will send an automatically generated request from your number.
  • Your number will appear on the screen of your phone in a few seconds.
  • If this code does not work due to some network problems, dial *1# as an alternative.


  • Open the Messages app on your mobile phone.
  • Type ‘MNP’ and send to 667.
  • You will soon receive a reply with the details of the CNIC where your Ufone number and SIM are provided.
  • Make sure you have a certain amount of credit in your account as service fees apply for this method.
How To Check Your Ufone Number

Ufone Helpline

  • Dial 333 from your Ufone number.
  • Follow the instructions to talk to a Ufone representative.
  • When your line joins a representative, let them know about your problem.
  • The representative will ask you questions about your SIM card, such as your name, CNIC and IMEI number.
  • After submitting the relevant information, you will be given your Ufone number.
  • Take notes or save them for storage.
Through The Ufone Website
  • To check your Ufone number, visit the Ufone website.
  • In the lower right corner of the website you will find a small orange icon labeled “Ufone Customer Service”.
  • Tap the tab and start a conversation with the customer service representative.
  • Write your query.
  • You will be asked to provide information such as your CNIC number, IMSI number and name.
  • After you provide the correct information, the customer representative will send you the Ufone number you used.

Once you have your phone number with you, be sure to write it down in a safe place to avoid such problems in the future. Note that you can only use a CNIC registered number.

About Ufone

Ufone is the 14th largest mobile network in the world with a customer base of 23 million. Thanks to creative market campaigns, Ufone has quickly become Pakistan’s favorite mobile network since its inception in 2001. Extensive 4G service is available in major cities of the country.

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