How To Clean PlayStation 4 Fans

How To Clean PlayStation 4 Fans

Any ambitious PS4 user out there should know that it is wise to keep your PlayStation in the best condition from time to time. Follow our guide on how to clean your PlayStation 4 fans to improve their performance.

Known and admired for its miniature size and sharp rhombic edges, the PlayStation 4 is a very useful device. It is almost perfect with one serious drawback: ducted fans.

Over time, fans on the PlayStation 4 get dusty and have to work twice as hard to keep the system cool. The dusty PS4 fan makes a lot of noise because it moves so fast and needs to be cleaned to calm it down.

How can I fix this problem with simple and easy steps.

How to clean PlayStation 4 fans What you need to clean PlayStation 4 fans

To get started, you’ll need the following basic things:

  • Standard Phillips Screwdriver: To open a few screws inside the PS4 that require this special screwdriver.
  • TR9 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver: The PS4 works best with the T9 safety screwdriver with a small center hole to open it.
  • Knife or sharp object: To remove the stickers covering the rear screws.
  • Blower or Compressed Air Box: To blow out fan dust.
  • Cotton balls: to help clean some dust from fans. You can also use a cotton swab for this.
  • Flashlight: To better check the hardware and internal points.
  • Hard Hair Cleaning Brush: To clean the dust accumulated in the blade gaps.

Turn Off The PlayStation 4 And Disconnect It From The Network

Always make sure that the PS4 is completely turned off and unplugged before you turn on the PS4 and start cleaning. If your PlayStation is in Rest mode and shows an orange light, turn it off completely.

To turn off your console, press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller. This will open the Quick Menu. Go to the power section and then select Turn off the PS4. Disconnect the power cord, HDMI cable, and any other cables and USB devices connected to your console when all the lights on the PS4 are off.

How To Clean PlayStation 4 Fans

Remove The Labels And Remove The Screws

Turn the PS4 on its back.
Here you will see three stickers that match the power cable port. Carefully remove these labels with a knife or pointed object. When removing, try not to scratch or damage anything.
After removing the stickers, remove the TR9 screwdriver to remove the screws under the stickers. After removing, safely set the screws aside.

Remove The Cover

After removing the screws, the cover will come off immediately while the screws hold it in place. Just pull the cover up and gently pull the edges.
Before putting aside the dust you see on the lid, clean it with a blower or a cotton swab.
You will now be able to see your fan on the system, but you will need to delete another component first.

Remove The Power Supply

You must unplug the power supply before getting into the heat sink and thoroughly cleaning the fan.
The PSU is held in place with five screws. Three of these five screws will use a TR9 safety screwdriver to open and two will use a standard Phillips screwdriver. Carefully use each screwdriver to loosen the five screws.
After carefully removing all five screws, you can remove the PSU. Grasp the sides carefully and slowly pull up. It connects to the bottom of the motherboard with a cable, so make sure you don’t accidentally remove it. After lifting it up, turn it slowly until it is attached to the cable but resting on its side.

Remove Dust

Now you will get a clear picture about the refrigerator and the fan.
To blow the dust, take a compressed air box or blower and direct it to the fan.
Blow air for a short time to get rid of all the dust from the corners and knives.
Instead of blowing dust deeper into the system, make sure you remove dust from the system.
At this point, your cotton swabs and cotton balls will be needed to remove dust that the blower cannot reach.
Most of the dust can be in the refrigerator, on the outside, and especially on the fan, so target these areas.
Do not hold the compressed air box upside down, as the liquid inside may spill and damage your system.
Make sure you don’t blow the air directly into the fan. Rotating the fan too fast can disrupt its circuit. Before blowing air, try to hold the fan with your finger or any soft object.
Always spray air in explosions.

Replace Components

After carefully cleaning everything, put everything back in the order you took it out.
Turn the PSU carefully and sit properly.
Put the five screws in the appropriate places. If you forgot, the two screws in the lower corners are the Phillips head screws and the other three screws are the TR9 screws.
Replace the cover and press lightly on the edges to secure it.
Then, put the TR9 screws back on the PS4. If you want, you can add the stickers again at this point. In any case, your warranty label will be damaged by default.

Clean HDD Slot

Now that your PS4 is completely clean and sorted, there’s an extra point you might want to clean: HDD Bay.
The PlayStation4 has a separate hard drive bay that can be part of the accumulated dust.
At the far left, you’ll see a bright piece on the PS4. To access the HDD slot, press and slide to remove the cover.
He is caught with a Phillips head screw. Remove the HDD and remove any dust particles you may find there.
When finished, slide it in and replace the screw.

Reconstruction Of The Database

An additional step you can choose to fully optimize the performance of your PlayStation software is to rebuild the Database. By doing this, you will optimize all your PS4 data on your drive. It serves as a defragmentation of your computer and is useful for the performance of your console.
To perform Database Rebuild, make sure PlayStation4 is completely turned off.
Press and hold the Power button on the front of the console for a long time. Keep pressing until you hear two beeps that will send your PS4 to Safe Mode.
Then, using a USB cable, connect your controller to the PS4 and press the PlayStation button. This will synchronize both.
Select the Database Rebuild option and release it on the PS4 to perform the action.
This process can take some time. When done, it will return you to your home screen.
The Database Rebuild operation will not delete any data, but will make some minor changes. For example, Discover notifications can be used to re-learn basic tips, recent games you’ve played on the Home screen, and more. will show. will not appear.
After performing the Database Rebuild operation on the PS4, you will see that your console will run smoother and faster.

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