How To Share Google Chrome Tabs Between Android And PC

How To Share Google Chrome Android And PC

If you’re an avid Google Chrome user (3.2 billion users to date), you should know that it’s one of the best web browsers with tons of features. One of these features that makes everyday life easier is the ability to share Google Chrome icons between your phone and computer. Here is a short guide to speed you up.

Note that all devices you want to share tabs need the latest version of Google Chrome. Let’s say you have a computer and two smartphones and you want to share icons between these three units, you can share tabs with yourself thanks to the “Send Tab to Yourself” function.

How To Share Chrome Icons Between Android And PC

However, you will need the latest patch of the Google Chrome web browser installed on all installed devices. There are two scenarios where you want to share one icon from PC / laptop to phone and the other from phone to PC / laptop. Here’s how the process works in both cases. How To Share Google Chrome Tabs Between Android And PC

1. Sharing Panels From PC To Android

  • Go directly to the web page you want to share in Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Then zoom in and hover over the “Share this page” icon in the URL bar in the far right corner next to the bookmark star button.
  • Click on ‘Share This Page’ and it will list the possible ways.
Sharing panels from PC to Android
  • Select “Send to your devices” and then select the device you want to share the tab with.
Sharing Tabs From PC to Android
  • Note that if you have multiple devices synced with your computer, you will get a unique nickname for each device. Select the phone you want to share.
  • Check your phone and launch Google Chrome.
  • Search for “chrome://flags” in the URL and find “Enable receiving device to manage shared buffer function” as well as “Sync buffer services” and “Enable shared buffer function signals for rendering”.
  • The next time you share a badge from your computer, you will receive a notification.

Sharing Icons From Android To PC

Unlike the first scenario, this is very easy, because Google Chrome automatically updates itself on the computer. You must follow the steps outlined. How To Share Google Chrome Tabs Between Android And PC

  • Find the icon you want to share on your phone, the new website, and click the “More Options” button (indicated by three vertical dots) and select “Share.”
Sharing Icons From Android To PC
  • Then, select “Send to your devices”.
Send to your devices
  • It will ask you to choose a device that syncs with your phone to share, so select it and you’re done.
  • You will receive a notification on your computer that you can click and immediately access the website you are using on your Android phone.
  • Note that if it doesn’t work, you need to turn on the flags we talked about in “Scenario # 1” in your computer’s Chrome.

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