How to use Instagram on Mac

How to use Instagram on Mac

Although social media platforms generally come in almost every shape and size, Instagram has never fallen into this category. Although it rose to incredible popularity before switching to Android in 2012 and first released in 2010, the social network doesn’t have an official app for the Mac.

But even though it’s not an official Instagram app for Mac, there’s a way to not only navigate to your Instagram feed on your Mac, but also upload photos and videos.

Instagram Web

There may not be an official Instagram app for Mac – we’re still waiting for the iPad app! – but there is a way to access a popular social network from a Mac: Instagram Web.

The main web application provides access to your main Instagram feed, which allows you to browse Instagram Stories and finally access Direct Messages, as well as scroll, like and comment on the content you like.

These are all welcome add-ons, and Instagram makes the Web a more convenient way to access the site, but there is still one major drawback: the ability to download content directly from a Mac. Available on iOS and Android via the web app, why not a Mac? There is no official word from the company that owns Facebook, but fortunately there is a way to upload photos and videos from Instagram to Mac – it just requires a little know-how.

How to upload photos and videos on Instagram Web

There is a way to upload photos and videos to your Instagram feed through the Instagram web interface, but first you have to trick the site and think you are on an iPhone. It’s perfectly possible to do this on a Mac, but you’ll need to use Safari to do it.

To think you’re using an iPhone on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari on your Mac.
  2. Visit
  3. In the toolbar, go to Safari> Preferences> Advanced.
  4. If it is not yet active, select “Show Development Menu in Menu Panel”.
  5. Then select the new Development menu and select User Agent> Safari – iOS 12.1.3 – iPhone.

After launching the new User-Agent, the Instagram website (via Safari, of course) must be reloaded. Follow these instructions after reinstalling:

  1. Tap the + sign in the toolbar at the bottom of your Instagram feed – it’s in the same place as the official iOS app.
  2. Search for the image or video you want to upload to your feed, select it, and click Select to upload.
  3. Now you can explore Instagram’s set of editing tools to change the look of your post. When you are ready, click Next.
  4. Add a caption to your post, select social sharing options (if any), and click the Share button to post a photo.

It should be noted that while you can upload content to your main Instagram feed, you cannot currently post photos or videos to your Instagram Story via the Instagram Web. We hope that the social network will soon bring full functionality to the Instagram Web experience.

Third party Instagram apps

While the company is slowly adding new functionality to its Instagram Web experience to adapt to iOS and Android, it’s still not there. As in most cases, if one company doesn’t do it, another will. There are currently a number of third-party Instagram apps for Mac that offer different features at different price points – make sure the one you choose does everything you need.


Uplet offers a simpler approach to the web-based Instagram experience, focusing on downloading more media than just looking at the site, but has features that might appeal to powerful users and businesses.

Uplet offers a simpler approach to the web-based Instagram experience, focusing on downloading more media than just looking at the site, but has features that might appeal to powerful users and businesses.

Like the Instagram app, Uplet allows you to drag and drop photos and videos and upload them en masse to your feed. You can edit each photo and add separate headlines, but you can send spam to your followers without the ability to publish posts gradually. You also have multi-account support that allows you to easily switch between personal and business accounts without having to log out.

Although Uplet supports batch downloads, and the developers say they are working on it, it should be noted that it does not actually support multi-photo recordings. The only downside is the price: Although the app was initially available for a one-time fee of £ 9.99, it is now available for only $ 9.99 per month as part of the Setapp Mac software package.

Bluestacks Android emulator

If you prefer to use the local Instagram app for mobile phones, there is a way to launch it on a Mac. Secret? Emulators.

Bluestacks Android emulator

More specifically, Bluestacks Android Emulator offers a reliable way to manage Android apps and games on a Mac, including Instagram. It achieves this by mimicking an Android device on a Mac, giving you access to the Google Play Store and all its apps as if you were using an Android smartphone. There is little difference between the iOS and Android versions of the app, so there should be no learning curves when using Bluestacks to access Instagram.

You can download the Android emulator from Bluestacks, and the best part is that it is completely free to use – there is no IAP or subscription.

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