Huawei has received a patent for a brake system for autonomous cars

Huawei Has Received A Patent For A Brake System For Autonomous Cars

Huawei has received a patent for a brake system

According to Tianyancha Application, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. The company has been granted a patent for “car brake system and autonomous car brake system.

The patent describes the technical characteristics of autonomous control technology, and the mechanism consists of at least one wheel brake cylinder, main brake module, auxiliary brake module and electric line pump. The mechanism provides long-lasting, high-precision additional braking technology for the car.

HUAWEI NEWSHuawei obtains a patent for the brake system for the car's brakes

The current practice focuses on autonomous driving, especially the car’s braking mechanism. It has at least one brake wheel cylinder; main brake module for applying brake pressure; auxiliary brake module with electric line pump, first pipeline and second pipeline; electric line pumps have a piston and a pump chamber.

Inside, a second pipeline connects the pump chamber to the liquid storage tank, and as the piston moves away from the first interface, the brake fluid from the liquid storage tank is sent to the pump chamber through the second pipeline.

The pump chamber and the first pipeline form the first interface, the first pipeline connects the pump chamber to at least one brake wheel cylinder and the piston can move towards the first interface, causing the brake fluid in the pump chamber to enter the first interface. . creates pipeline and brake pressure. As a result, this system will provide long-lasting, high-precision unnecessary braking for a safe travel experience.

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