Hyundai Elantra is Getting A New Feature In Pakistan

Hyundai Elantra is Getting A New Feature In Pakistan

Hyundai Elantra is Getting A New Feature In Pakistan

Hyundai-Nishat has announced that Elantra has introduced a new infotainment system, an 8-inch infotainment screen with an affiliate car program (MyHyundai).

According to the report, the new display will add beauty to the interior of the Elantra compared to the previous infotainment system, which has been criticized by many customers for its outdated appearance.

Hyundai Elantra Gets a New Feature in Pakistan

Hyundai-Nishat claims that the new infotainment screen and MyHyundai program will give the car an advantage over its competitors. We present this statement:

Customers who buy a car with a new AVN will get a free subscription to MyHyundai for the first 3 months with features such as Spatial Sharing, Maps, Alarms and Geofencing.

The company added that it has delivered its invoiced cars with new entertainment screens in all its showrooms, and informed the dealers to take orders accordingly. The new infotainment screen will be available on all Elantra sedans shipped from February 14, and dealers have been told to clarify that the upgrade is for new cars.

Hyundai-Nishat will also replace the demonstrated Elantra blocks with the old infotainment system. The statement said that “invoiced units will be delivered to customers immediately to prevent any conflict” and that the units will be displayed after buyers purchase vehicles with old infotainment systems.

The updated infotainment system can attract more buyers, as the new display will look better than its predecessor, and the buttons and buttons at the bottom of the screen will look outdated. With MyHyundai support, it will not only improve the entertainment experience, but also provide better navigation.

The company has also not announced any price increases, which is a convenience for local customers, as many brands, such as Toyota in Pakistan, raise their prices when they receive new features or minimal upgrades.

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