If You Own This Smart Watch, You Can Earn $ 299

If You Own This Smart Watch, You Can Earn $ 299

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a statement on Wednesday that Google’s Fitbit has recalled its popular Ion smartwatch due to the risk of burns caused by the watch’s overheating.

Reports show so far that Fitbit has received at least 115 reports of smartwatch battery overheating in the United States alone, with 78 burn injuries, two third-degree burns and four second-degree burns. Internationally, the company received 59 reports of overheating, along with 40 burns.


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The smartwatch first went on sale in September 2017 and offered impressive features such as heart and sleep tracking, as well as activity tracking. However, Fitbit stopped production of Ionic in 2020. By December 2021, the company had sold about one million smartwatches in the US market and about 7 million in international markets.

If you own this Smart Watch, you can earn $ 299

Fortunately, the company turns a blind eye to the problem, and as compensation for the recall, the brand will return $ 299 to return the smartwatch. In addition, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, smartwatch owners will receive a 40 percent discount coupon on selected Fitbit devices.


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The recall is limited to four variants of the Fitbit Ionic under the following model numbers: FB503CPBU, FB503GYBK, FB503WTGY and FB503WTNV.

Consumers affected by this recall should visit the company’s official website for more information on the refund policy. The company promises that the refund will be the equivalent of $ 299, and customers outside the United States will receive the equivalent of $ 299 in local currency.

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