Install the IDM extension for Microsoft Edge

Install the IDM extension for Microsoft Edge

Steps on how to add IDM Integration Module Extension to Microsoft Edge You may want to download your favorite videos from video sharing sites. The best tool that offers various features for download is Internet Download Manager or IDM. Microsoft Edge So when you play a video on YouTube, IDM usually shows a button, so download this video. However, even after the Developers Update, download this video does not appear in the Edge while playing the video.

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Click the Download button for this video and a small box will open for your confirmation. After confirming the download, you can see its progress in the IDM interface. So, in this guide, you will find instructions for adding the IDM Integration Module Extension to Microsoft Edge. Download the YouTube Video. The IDM extension is not currently available in the Store, so you need to activate it manually in Edge.


Install the IDM extension for Microsoft Edge

Make sure you have the latest version of IMDB before proceeding.

Step 1 – Visit the Internet Download Manager and download the program from the website.

Step 2 – When the download is complete, double-click the sport628build6.exe file. Follow the instructions in the wizard and install the tool.

Step 3 – Open the Internet Download Manager by clicking the icon on the desktop and click on the Downloads tab, then Options.

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idm Options

Step 4 – This will launch another box that is in focus on the General tab, use Advanced Browser Integration, and select the Microsoft Edge options. Click OK.


Step 5 – Now open the Edge browser and in the address box type about: flags and press Enter to continue.


Step 6 – On the next page, activate the Extender Designer properties and select the check box. You can find this option in the Developer settings section.

Developer settings

Step 7 – Restart Edge for the changes to take effect. Then, click the Settings and More button (…) and then Extensions.

Settings and more button

Step 8 – In the Extensions panel, click Install Extensions.

Load extension

Step 9 – In File Explorer, go to the place below that will appear

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager

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Step 10 – Now get the IDMEdgeExt folder and finally click the Select Folder button. This will immediately install and activate the IDM extension on the Edge


Finally, play any video in the Edge browser and the “Upload this video” button will appear. Just click on it and allow IDM to download the video for you.

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Bonus tips

Extensions you add in the above way will be OFF by Edge, so it will notify you by showing a note – “We have disabled extensions from unknown sources. They can be risky, so we recommend keeping them away. ” In the window that opens Anyway, every time you have to open the extension by clicking the Open button, it will be really annoying. Until the Internet Download Manager Edge in Store release is released, you must trust this temporary fix.

Turn on anyway


So adding the IDM Integration Module Extension to Microsoft Edge is pretty straightforward. This solution makes it easier and simpler to download videos. Enjoy this solution until you enable the extension for IDM Edge. How do you rate this video upload method on Edge?

Install the IDM extension for Microsoft Edge

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