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Are you a tech fanatic or are you looking for a gift for someone who is? Maintaining state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment can be difficult. That is why we have compiled a list of the best devices and latest gadgets you need to know about in 2022. Whether you are an audio hobbyist, a camera junkie, or a game junkie, you are sure to find something you like latest gadgets.

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Apple iMac 24-inch 2022

The new iMac (24-inch, 2022) is a major improvement over the bold rediscovery of its predecessor, Apple’s iconic Mac All-in-One, for nearly 15 years.

Sophisticated, new looking and modern. This is a welcome innovation, as past designs are outdated.

This is a new size 24-inch that replaces the 21.5-inch iMac (27-inch iMacs are available for sale). Despite the larger screen size, the new iMac (24-inch, 2022) is certainly not larger than the 21.5-inch model, measuring 54.7 x 46.1 cm and only 14.7 cm deep (the screen itself is only 11.5 mm). ). Comparison with the previous model. Dimensions 52.8 x 45 cm and 17.5 cm)

This means you’ll have more screen space on your new iMac, but it won’t significantly increase your overall size. The new iMac is actually significantly thinner and lighter than its predecessor (4.48 kg vs. 5.68 kg), and is easier to carry and manage, making it a more versatile all-in-one.

Fujifilm instant camera instax mini 40

TOKYO, April 7, 2022-FUJIFILM (President: Kenji Sukeno) announced the launch of the “Cheki Mini 40 Instant Camera” (Mini 40) on April 21, 2022, which supports movies small-sized. The work will be successful. The Instax series’s high-speed machine kit allows you to shoot in real time.

The Mini 40 is comfortable with a classic camera design that minimizes directional effects. Despite the clutter, this is the latest entry -level model of the Instax series that is easy to integrate into a wide variety of styles and photo purposes.

On the same day a small “sticker paper” will appear that contains an orange poster to attach to the black board in the tile that fills the Mini 40. The design will replace the “sticker paper.” A Bromide paper with photos taken and a film to inspect the photos.

[Photo] instax mini40 / small contact paper sticker
The “Instax” instant camera series was launched in 1998, named “Cheki” in Japan, and right now it is used by young people in more than 100 countries around the world, including Europe, America, China and South East Asia.

There are many things that are appreciated not only by capturing and capturing dramatic moments but by expressing their inner feelings as a new perspective and expressing themselves.

The Mini 40 is similar to the popular “auto display function” introduced in the May 2020 Cheki mini 11 full camera. The camera monitors parameters such as closing speed and flash output according to the characteristics of the shot, to make the shot easier. Perfect photos out of the dark, in the light, or in broad daylight. You can also take a self-portrait by removing the machine-single and shut-off by dragging the front side of the camera lens after turning off the power. The Mini 40 is a simple and straightforward machine with a powerful display. The screen is a first class construction that fits into the wrist, a silver-colored frame the black body. We’ve created a sleek design with great attention to detail.

Instax’s high-speed machine series is promoted with the global motto “Give, don’t just take” to bring unique value of instax offers. In 2020, we’ll ask how the camera is happy despite the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, highlighting five key areas of the brand: ‘fun’, ‘Human-to-show’ ‘and‘ creativity ’. In this case, we read Instax through social media and other means. And “GENERO CITY” and “INCLUS IVITY”. In January 2022, FUJIFILM will begin posting “Join the Group” messages on its official Instagram account. This story shows people from all over the world expressing their thoughts and emotions in different shows and expressing their creativity through new values. Various international features include “Lenata, Preaching Indigenous Peoples and the Quechuan Indigenous Language through Music,” “Seby, Connection to the World and Paintings, Please with Words,” “Wendy, the Avant-Garde Substitute World”.

Apple Watch 6

Key Specs                                          See Full Specs 

Design Rectangular, Curved Dial Aluminium BodyDisplay 1.78 Inch LTPO OLED 448 x 368 pixelsFeatures Water proof Fitness TrackingBattery Wireless

We love Apple. It’s not only a great health tracker, but also one of the most exciting – technology that can truly change your life. The built-in sensor means the watch can monitor your heart rate and save data to your phone. If it finds any abnormalities, it will tell you to go to a doctor, who can examine the ECGs at that time.

The Apple Watch will also check to see if you’ve crashed or if your terrain got stuck and caused emergency operation if something went wrong. There are other changes to track, such as your sleep, oxygen intake, and even changes in heart rate, which scientists believe can be a good indicator of your overall well-being.

The Apple Watch has a future. A study involving 400,000 researchers conducted by researchers at Stanford University showed that a smartwatch and a cell phone could be used effectively to diagnose atrial fibrillation in workers, one of the biggest heart problems in the UK. Uni., Although it is important to note that this feature has not yet been implemented.

Likewise, Apple Watches are tested to assess the condition of patients with chronic conditions such as asthma and heart disease, and have even been modified by Washington University of Medicine to determine if it can predict the condition. onset of influenza or COVID-19 before the patient experiences symptoms.

Apple AirPods Pro

Fully accomplished, Apple needed a few iterations to deliver a wireless headset that proved the pepper price tags. In fact, we chose the best wireless headphones.

AirPods are still white, but the smarter and more compact design means you don’t feel like you’ve put an electric toothbrush in your ear.

Not surprisingly, AirPods work better with Apple hardware, as the device is grateful for the new chip technology. Remove it from the case, and if your device is nearby, the device will pair and you will also see the battery status of the headphones.
My sound quality is high because it offers a more balanced approach. It’s not too hard for basses, and it’s better to pay more attention to detail. The address sensor is an active noise reduction accessory that helps the world sink. Apple uses an external microphone to process the sound through the seal and an internal microphone to detect the sound.

The handle still has room to adjust the pressure, and the fitted pocket glove ensures fast battery charging. Other features are also available, including eco-friendly support and the addition of smart switch mode to pair your device with the device you are currently using, giving you more reason to maintain.

Moto 360 smartwatch

The Apple Watch is a great luxury range, but if you’re using an Android device from one of the world’s top smartphone users, it doesn’t use anything. The Moto 360 smartwatch is a beauty that holds a beautiful wrist with stainless steel, a curved crown, a leather belt and weight.

It’s a reminder of Motorola’s third generation, and in this case it looks like a growing generation between style and performance. It supports WearOS (Android, but you can also use it on the iPhone), so it talks about a lot of things you can do with your smartwatch, but the app is better than years. Dati pa.

The watch not only looks beautiful, but it also has a beautiful design that sets it apart from other watches. First and foremost, it’s important to market yourself as a wallet when using earphones with a quick, easy, and intuitive interface between guns and delays. Communication chargers include GPS and NFC.

The screen is always bright and sharp, which changes lighting conditions, so don’t bend or press your wrist to see the time. After using for about a day and a half, it is aligned to time mode to give it longer and longer battery life, but a single charge time is enough to see it all day.

C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

The EZVIZ C3N security camera is a stable device huge like a tennis ball. It should be. The first week she woke up and in typical English style she was in danger of rain, pregnancy, showers and storms before being provoked on the hottest day of the year.

Installation is fairly easy if you have a drill to mount it to your wall and the EZVIZ program is really refreshing. You can change the live stream to full screen, and by pressing record, you save the movie to your camera role as well as the program itself.

This feature for live viewing is ideal if you want to use the camera for other purposes, such as watching the kids work, or even use it as a natural and convenient comb.

But we know you’re here to find out if this is a good security camera. It has not failed In terms of image quality, daylight is extremely sharp and reproduces real life colors in Full HD 1080p resolution.

But this is the color of night vision that really comes from this camera. It has a built-in algorithm that makes it possible to see intelligently, thus knowing the difference between a human cat and a migratory neighboring cat.

Smart Night Vision uses two infrared LEDs that can be automatically detected up to 30 meters away and transformed into color measurements when human movement is detected. Combined with strong spotlights, almost every thief is guaranteed to show his face at a camera. You will receive real-time notifications to keep up with your flow.

Video stories are stored via Cloud Play, where you can receive a free 30-day trial subscription or via a Micro SD card for local storage.

NuraLoop earphones

If your hearing aids can take you to a listening pattern and your sensor will reflect the progress you hear more or less, that’s the idea behind the Nuraphone, which we first tested in the title a few years ago.

During setup, the first Nurafons will draw more than one frequency, then measure the response of each ear to create a background sound that matches the parameters you hear. The company has already released its smart device and integrated it into a series of Bluetooth headsets called NuraLoop.

They all come with other technologies you’ll need (like noise cleaning and touch controls), but there are some clever features that allow you to connect to your headphones, like a magnetic analog jack. features that automatically open them when you put them on your head.

But more importantly, the sound is very different at the moment. Like the Nurafonas in front of you, what you hear is unique, especially for a pair of headphones under £ 200, and mixes all the well-balanced and textured sound you don’t know. I dare say it, but I think I’ve probably heard the bass piece in Metallica too … And everyone’s judgment (maybe).

The only EQ option you have (or really need) is a standard dip, which means a bass amp. Of course, all of this goes into the jar as soon as you hear another background music, but that’s one thing. We all have different ears and respond differently, to say that my information partner is like a wave to me is, yes, maybe

Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor

If you are someone who wants to spend thousands of pounds on a very high-end gaming console, you can also spend a small amount of money on screen to use it. The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a decent gaming monitor, but its quick color technology shows it’s worth every penny.

First, very large; It has a 49-inch curved screen with an impressive resolution of 5120 x 1440 (which is an aspect ratio of 32: 9!), So it not only satisfies your field of vision but also your desktop.

The QLED screen should be sharp and colorful, the HDR 1000 black and white and the 250Hz refresh rate means the motion should look buttery.

Zoom for Home – DTEN ME Personal Collaboration Device

If “normal” means more time spent talking with colleagues and family online, you may not be sure to call the Zoom video conferencing program. We found that it works well on both desktop and cell phones, but Zoom has other ideas. They thought it would be a good idea to release a large 27-inch touchscreen phone to support the Zoom call.

It has three wide-angle cameras for video translation, a set of eight microphones to see the sound, and can be used independently of other devices or monitors.

HyperX wireless gaming setup

HyperX is a big name in gaming applications (they have the most essentials in Vegas), so it should come as no surprise that their hardware is not limited in size and performance. The combination of these cordless mirrors is not deceptive.

First you need a 7.1 headset, and the HyperX Cloud Fight S headset has a rounded sound. Can can control the conversation / sound of the headset itself, which is good for getting information that the main purpose of the game is not involved, as well as their earphones can sit on your neck when you want to breathe (but he has food),

The soft leather straps make the leather straps and memory soft and easy to wear, even when running late at night, and are heavy enough to make it stable while sitting and pillows, but not so heavy that it is not easy to wear them for a few hours.

The high-end HyperX Pulsefire Dart is ergonomic and has a beautiful faux leather strap. It’s tough and makes your skin “skin”, but work hard on your dining table and the fun part is that you can adjust the RGB light with NGENUITY software.

The battery life of both headphones and mouse is longer than that of the PS4 controller and you may be charged with a narrower cable at the same time. As a gift, you can charge all Qi devices in the active state.

Creative SXFI THEATRE headphones

Pulling out your camera is a great way to start your audio experience, but these headphones come at a good price. The SXFI THEATER air conditioner uses the latest technology called Super X-FI, which shows a well-designed movie from start to finish for a full experience in your home.

It also sounds familiar. This headset is thrilling, mighty and powerful in every way when finding Star Wars and call center on both sides of your body. And before the launch of Super X-FI, which requires everything for a cinematic experience.

The headphones come with a USB cable for sound loss (no Bluetooth, but that’s not a real issue in your bedroom / office), although they are on the side they are perfectly comfortable to wear during the dance season.

Yoto Player Interactive Audio Player

For me, there was something deeply rewarding about inserting a tape into a player, hitting a player, and losing broken strings, and the Yoto Player is an equally modern and eye-catching model. Everything is fine.

Instead of cassettes, this small audio player works by inserting a card with an audible track. There are many legends to choose from, such as Charlie and The Gruffalo and the Roald Dahl Chocolate Factory, as well as other books with podcasts, radio and events. Instead of a screen, it has a cute pixel screen that, along with many volume and travel buttons, allows kids to appreciate the entire device (even my two-year-olds can control it).

Regardless of the situation, entertaining children without using a tablet can be difficult, so Yoto Player is definitely one of the best ways to keep your mind and mind moving.

Starting in July, priced at $ 12.99, Yoto offers a monthly subscription package that sends you two new books, a postcard, and endless artwork each month, among other goodies. Keep the juice flowing.

COWBOY – Electric Bike for Urban Riders

If, like most of us, you’re starting to rethink your ride quality, now may be a good time to start thinking seriously about the electric bike you want.

Cowboy electric bikes are now in their third generation, and the new model not only looks like this season’s must-have bike, but is also equipped with a smart bike. 16.9kg tires with a battery mounted in one automatic transmission, the latest bikes with non-greasy carbon belts, low gear ratio tires

In addition to the new equipment, the companion app also includes improvements such as key theft, theft, accident detection and even automatic unlocking of the air quality monitor to plan dirty routes through the town.

Asus Chromebook Flip C436

Key Specs See Full Specs  Google Chrome

Performance Core i7 10th Gen 16 GB LPDDR 8 RAMDesign 14 inches (35.56 cm) 1920 x 1080 pixels 2-in-1, Touch ScreenStorage 256 GB SSDBattery Li-Ion 3 Cell 12 Hrs

First of all, don’t block the elephant in the room. This is not a cheap Chromebook at all. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced laptop, Chromebooks are good, but they’re not. On the other hand, if you’re looking for one of the best Chromebooks, it’s a different story.

The quality corners of the building are certainly cut to justify the small appeal of most Chromebooks, but with just under £ 1,000 that has earned a lot, the Asus Flip competes with something like Apple. Well equipped equipment. And other top Windows machines. I’m not a big fan of white equipment. This is because the labels tend to look a little brighter, but the device I tested had a subtle sheen that changes color from different angles. This is gorgeous.

Another part of the name comes from the fact that you can turn the 14-inch touch screen and use it in tablet or tent mode. With a small frame and four speakers working with Harmane / Cardoon, it is an excellent multimedia device. ..

Inside you will find a 10th generation i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. This is pretty ridiculous especially for a Chromebook. If you don’t want to surf the web, watch videos or treat it a little more, it’s probably too much. The first chapter of the novel you are working on. But as one of the first Chromebooks on Google and Intel’s Intel Athena application, it needs to be optimized enough to handle everything it throws in the future.

The 1.1kg magnesium alloy wheels keep things exceptionally light and the keys have a rear light to type at night. Another good feature is the fingerprint reader, which works very well, although at first I thought it was an on / off button.

Of course, in the case of Chromebooks, there are limits to the apps available on Android, and not all apps are compatible, but there’s more Chrome OS issue than the laptop itself, and all the apps that open up are interesting. It works that way.

Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard

Clicks are the pure sounds of a mechanical keyboard when someone is playing an online game. The new Logitech G915 TKL is a scaled down version of their popular G915 gaming keyboard, so expect lots of nice nails as you play.

Installing the key counter to the right (known as the keyless form factor) means the wireless keyboard has a much more compact profile on your desktop and therefore more room to rotate your mouse, while separate RGB indicators under each key means that you can choose from 16.8 million colors below it for night play.

The low key profile combined with LIGHT SPEED wireless technology, which promises fast and responsive 1 millisecond response time, means this is the only fast keyboard, so don’t bother trying to fix key loss delays.

Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking Belkin

This phone networking works in conjunction with the iPhone 12’s face tracking feature to create your Tik Tok (yes? We too), record YouTube videos, and create Zoom calls in your room.

It uses the iPhone 12’s Mag Safe technology, so you can unlock your phone and start magnetically.

MZ-Switch Heart Rate Monitor

This fitness tracker is ready for anything, even if you are not. The MZ switch measures your heart rate to understand how hard you have worked in training.

What makes it unique is that it can lock more than one strap to read the heartbeat on the wrist, arm or chest. He is a water repellent, so there are some activities he doesn’t take part in. In my case, it means they can tell me how dirty I am.

Signia reinvents hearing aids for a new generation of wearers

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to hear. Strong performances (remember?), Cotton swabs, fatigue, and hearing loss of our own DNA damage. It is estimated that 6.7 million people in the UK benefit from hearing aids, but only two million are affected.

Signia hopes to change that. Signia Active audio equipment with Bluetooth connectivity, integrated mobile device, usable battery and simple headset design is a technology to help along the way.

Visually impaired devices include smart software that supports more than just background noise provided by a virtual assistant.

DJI FPV Redefine Flying

Dressed like a drone? The new DGI aircraft went straight from the camera to the Terra Pharma headset. You see what a drone looks like.

This is a user-friendly option that pilots will use to compete. The drone can travel at a speed of 140 km / h (87 miles) and reach a speed of 0 to 60 miles per second. It has a maximum distance of 10 km (6 miles), but requires an inspector to monitor people or obstacles in flight.

The embers are hungry, so they fly for a maximum of 25 minutes, but the journey is hell.

Next-gen VR on PS5: the new controller

The first thing you’ll notice with the next-generation VR controller is the unique design that gets a “globe” shape that allows you to keep the controller natural while playing with a lot of freedom. There are no restrictions on the movement of your hands, and you allow developers to create a unique gaming experience.

We’ve also designed a lot of ergonomics in the new Manager’s mind, so it’s balanced and comfortable in all hands. We’ve leveraged lessons from users of all sizes, as well as decades of experience from leaders across all PlayStation platforms. The result is a symbolic design that changes the way VR games are

Bang & Olufsen’s latest speaker was designed to look like a book

This is perhaps the only smart column for which you can buy money. Under the auspices of the article, Beosound Emerge has partnered with a Google Assistant to launch connected digital signage technology at home.

The sound is transmitted from a separate tweeter, medium-width controller and sub woofer, so it creates details that fill the space, regardless of its size. And if you have enough to buy two, you can plug it into another speaker to make it sound better.

In collaboration with Hubert, the company selects materials inspired by interior design. The premium (and expensive) gold tone option has an oak casing weaving of metal and aluminum fabric in a gold tone. There is also a black anthracite version with aluminum grille and polymer side panels.

To complete the bookish atmosphere, the side panels of the speakers are wrapped like a cover and the company logo is on the front like a backbone. Hubert has built-in touch controls with options for play / pause, track changes, and quick access to stations and playlists. There is also a volume control that requires a circular motion to change the level. Bang & Olufsen claims that Biosound Images has a modular design that makes it easy to access this plug-in, which starts at the Biosound level. The company stated that, like the latest product, the removable component is strong enough to handle updates and new features “in the coming years.”

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde purifying fan heater

Although many people know that air pollution destroys our health, we cannot ignore the events in our home. It turns out that cooking and cleaning fill our homes with pollutants that are in higher concentrations than outside. Our furniture gas is also formaldehyde, a chemical used in manufacturing.

So what should be done? You can just stop the community and retreat to the woods (we’ve considered this several times this year), but if that’s not an option, you can consider an air purifier.

The latest version of the Dyson Hot + Cool Cleaner is equipped with filters to remove airborne particles, including formaldehyde. They also have many sensors to know what causes the most pollution (the quality of the cooking air makes it “serious”), and they can also be an effective air conditioner like a stove.

Dyson’s state-of-the-art filtration system combines a durable and precise standard formaldehyde sensor with a special filter that eliminates formaldehyde. The activated carbon filter removes gases and odors, while the HEPA filter contains 99.97% particles in 0.3 microns. And Dyson Cleaners has efficient air conditioning technology that filters and warms the entire room

Sony FX3 Full Frame Camera

The Sony FX3 is the smallest and cheapest movie ever made. Designed for worm photographers rather than Ographer photographers, it can handle over 120 ultra HD video recordings.

It has good grip for shooting from a low angle and has connections for connecting various audio ports. Also, image stabilization of the body occurs when you “run and shoot”.

The camera still works well on Sony AirPeak. It’s too big to fit in 715g in your pocket, but it’s light enough anywhere.

The ISO resolution of the FX3 ranges between 80 and 102,400 (extendable to 409,600 when shooting movies), which is impressive, as Sony has more than 15 series.

After the FX9 and FX6, the FX3 allows users to use the S-Cinetone to create cinematic videos for the camera. Color science is based on Sony’s flagship VENICS camera and delivers mids and mids, muted colors, and soft heads.

What’s really cool is the ability to shoot 4K video at 120 tables per minute, which is really impressive.

Xbox Wireless Headset

The official new gaming headset for the Xbox X and S series offers a number of features without costing a fortune, and it does not once appear unnecessary in the Tron movie.

Banks have the latest Surround Sound (Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS) so you can really hear the steps behind you. Inside there is a smart and retractable microphone that can separate your sound and reduce background noise.

Headphones in Latest Gadgets category

Additionally, it offers the automatic mute option of muting the microphone as you speak – no accidentally heavy breathing during communication. We have to leave a full impression until it gets steamy in our ears, but it seems like a great way to get exciting sound on your Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox wireless headphones are fantastic gaming headphones with smart features and design decisions. Microsoft offers excellent audio performance and the headphones can be completely customized to suit your listening preferences.

If you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones for your new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, Xbox wireless headphones should be at the top of the list.


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