Microsoft New Update Will Make Everyone An MS Excel Expert

Microsoft New Update Will Make Everyone An MS Excel Expert

Microsoft New Update Will Make Everyone An MS Excel Expert

It seems that working with Excel formulas will be simpler and more interesting. Technology giant Microsoft is working on several new updates to the spreadsheet program MS Excel to make it easier to work with formulas.

Formulas are one of the most important features of Excel and allow the user to perform calculations and solve problems quickly and easily using built-in functions.


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If you are a beginner to formulas in Microsoft Excel, you can download the company’s Formula workbook, which provides step-by-step instructions with the most common Excel formulas.

Multiline Formula Panel and Argument Help

As part of the upcoming update, the company announced that it will add to Excel a multi-line formula bar that will be available to users in March. When the feature is available, it will allow users to resize the formula bar and make navigation easier when working with longer formulas.

Also, as part of the roadmap, the company plans to add another feature to the spreadsheet software called Argument Assistance. The Argument Help feature will appear as a card on an Excel sheet when the user writes a formula, and will remain on the screen during the argument add / edit phase.


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Argument Help card helps users to be more efficient when writing formulas, reducing the risk of errors. It even includes an explanation of each of the formulas with various arguments used as examples.

If you have never used formulas in Excel as part of a workflow. We recommend that you start using it immediately. It’s never been a good time to start using Microsoft’s spreadsheet program to its full potential.

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