Oil Carriers Are Suspending Supplies Throughout Pakistan

Oil Carriers Are Suspending Supplies Throughout Pakistan

Petroleum Transporters Stop Supply All Over Pakistan

Oil suppliers have warned that they will cut off oil supplies to all of Pakistan and have staged an indefinite peaceful protest and sit-in in front of the headquarters of the national oil marketing firm.

We called for an indefinite peaceful protest, “said Israr Ahmed Shinwari, a spokesman for the All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association (APOTOA). The Express Tribune.

We will cancel the protest only after the government accepts our demands and increases the price of fuel, which has not changed since 2011.

About 40,000 oil tankers transport oil from Karachi. “Our 40,000 members are part of the protest,” Shinvari said. “If the government does not accept our demands within a week of the protest, then we will call for a tire strike.

Truck owners and the relevant fuel marketing company agreed to adjust prices to current gasoline and diesel prices, but the company did not consider the agreement.

Under the supervision of the Grand Committee of Oil Tankers Owners, APOTOA compiled a list of 20 requests to submit to the government, but oil loaders were unable to contact government officials formally.

Police officers approached us to stop the protest so that they (the police) could contact us with the relevant authorities, “he said, adding:” But we refused to withdraw the call for protest.

Fear Of Oil Crisis

If there is a traffic jam, Pakistan will face an oil crisis, as oil trucks and tankers are the main source of fuel from ports to other parts of the country.

Former Sindh Minister Irfanullah Khan Marwat will address protesters in the Shirin Jinna colony on Wednesday morning, after which they will march to the headquarters of the oil marketing company in Clifton.

Shinvari added that no private truck in the country should be allowed to transport oil from one place to another, and only state-registered trucks should be part of the fleet.

If NLC (National Logistics Cell) trucks are allowed to carry oil, they must be allowed to do so, provided they fill their tankers by keeping them in the appropriate queues. “They will have to wait their turn and they will not be given too much advantage over others.

Expensive fitness certificates for trucks

Shinwari asked the government to reduce fees for issuing certificates of conformity for trucks, for which the oil marketing company always buys between Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 200,000.

At the request of the oil marketing company, we upgraded our trucks to 24,000 liters.

Now he asks us to reduce it to 20,000 liters. It will cost approximately Rs. 100,000 per truck. There are 40,000 trucks. The change will result in the loss of millions of rupees, ”Shinwari explained.

However, Abidullah Afridi, chairman of the All Pakistan Oil Tankers Contractors Association (APOTCA), said:

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