Prime Minister Imran reduced the price of Petrol by 10 rupees per liter

Prime Minister Imran reduced the price of Petrol by 10 rupees per liter

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that petrol and diesel Rs. 10 have become cheaper per liter.

He made the remarks during a speech to the nation on Russia’s economic situation and global challenges following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. He said that there will be no increase in fuel and electricity until the next budget.


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Pakistan’s official Tehrik-e-Insaf account tweeted about the drop in prices on Twitter. “In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that fuel prices would be reduced immediately on a Rs. 10 liter basis and that the impact of global oil growth on consumers would not be reflected in the next four months,” the statement said. he said.

The Prime Minister said that he had received a summary from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and recommended increasing the prices Rs.10 of gasoline and diesel due to rising prices in global markets. That is why I want to tell everyone today that instead of increasing the price Rs.10 of petrol, we will reduce it Rs.10 so much.

It should be noted that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has sent a summary to increase the price of gasoline by Rs. 9.59 liters per liter for the next two weeks, starting from March 1, against the background of rising international prices after the Russian occupation of Ukraine. According to the two-week update of OGRA, refined oil prices are as follows:

ProductExisting  Prices w.e.f16-02-2022New Prices w.e.f. 01-03-2022Increase / (-)Decrease
MS (Petrol)159.86149.86-10.00
High Speed Diesel (HSD)154.15144.15-10.00
Kerosene (SKO)126.56125.56-1.00
Light Diesel Oil123.97118.31-5.66

Gasoline prices have been reduced from TL. 159.86 Rs per liter. 149.86 per liter. Similarly, the price of high-speed diesel was revised to Rs. Rs 144.15 per liter from the previous price to 154.15 liters.

The price of light diesel has dropped by 100 manat. From 118.31 and Rs per liter of kerosene. Rs for 126.56 liters. For 125.56 liters.


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More incentives

The Prime Minister continued to discuss how to generate electricity with imported fuel, which caused prices to fall. He claimed that the current government had built ten dams to protect the country from global price volatility, and expressed regret that previous governments had not built dams. “We have also decided to reduce the cost of electricity by 5 rupees. per unit. This means a 20-25 percent reduction in your electricity bill.

Speaking about other developments and issues, the Prime Minister said that the cash assistance provided to citizens under the Ehsaas program has exceeded Rs. 12,000 Rs. 14,000. Graduates will also be paid internships and Rs. 30,000, he added without going into too much detail.

He reaffirmed that the IT industry of businesses and freelancers is tax-exempt and will be allowed to carry unlimited money. The Prime Minister announced that IT startups are no longer subject to capital gains tax.

The Kamyab Javan initiative will provide interest-free loans to the country’s youth and farmers, as well as soft loans to build houses for those in need. “General TL. “Over the next two years, 407 billion loans will be issued,” he said.

Expressing satisfaction with the willingness of banks to lend to low-income people, the Prime Minister added Rs. To date, 150 billion credit permits have been issued.

The Prime Minister noted that health insurance is a great help to low-income families, he told all prime ministers. He added this to the bottom of the Rs cover, Qaumi Sehat Card. By the end of March 2022, all citizens (except Sindh) will receive 1 million. This incentive aims to help private medical hospitals increase their services in rural areas.

Regarding industry, the prime minister said that “anyone who wants to set up a business or invest in Pakistan will not be asked any questions.” He said a comprehensive package for the sector would be announced later and that Pakistanis abroad who invested in local industry or set up joint ventures would receive a significant five-year tax cut.

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