Dany Genius MAX 500 Tablet



Dany Genius MAX 500 Tablet

Product Description

7 Inches IPS Screen:

It’s body is incredibly light in weight with a high-resolution.

3G Supported:

Built in Bluetooth:

Built in Bluetooth device allows its users to avail bluetooth access.

FM Radio:

Enjoy your favorite cradio channels.

8 GB Memory:

Supports up to 8 GB memory and can store up to 32 GB.

Built in G-Sensor:

It includes its built in G-Sensor that allows the screen to rotate automatically according to the shift in movement which is great for the gamers out there.

Dual Sim:

Supports dual sim provides users with an edge.

2 Mega Pixel Camera:

The colors are beautifully vibrant yet lifelike.

Android 7.0 Nougat:

Users can avail it’s smart and speedy quad-core processor option that enables the users to use multiple apps all at once.

Quad Core Processor:

It Allows the as well as helps the user to stay updated efficiently.

Dual Camera:

Allows the users to capture your favorite moment.

Battery 4000 mAh:

Now users can avail tablet performace for a longer time due to its long lasting battery performance.


Enjoy and experience the third generation service on your tablet PC.


User can experience high-speed internet with the help Wi-Fi support


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