How is PTA Mobile Registration Tax paid

How is PTA Mobile Registration Tax paid

Payment of PTA mobile registration tax has become mandatory for anyone who imports mobile phones from foreign countries and wants to use them permanently in Pakistan.

In the last few years, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has enacted strict laws to prevent mobile or other devices from being used in terrorist attacks. So now every mobile phone device needs to be registered in PTA. Moreover, users have to pay a certain amount of tax for all devices imported from abroad.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) registration with PTA is a must if users do not want their mobile device to be locked. Registration is quite easy as PTA implements online mechanism for people’s convenience. has put together a complete guide on the PTA mobile registration process and tax payment schemes below.

Why is it Important to Register Mobile Phone Devices with PTA,

Most of the devices not certified by PTA are abused by various fake networks operating in Pakistan. These mobile devices have been used in various terrorist activities before. Therefore, to keep track of each user, PTA has implemented a registration process in collaboration with FBR.

In addition, the fact that Pakistani citizens or foreigners from abroad play a major role in the importation of electronic devices to Pakistan imposes a burden on the country’s economy. Keeping these imports in balance is another reason for the PTA to initiate the registration process.

Cons of Non-PTA Registered Mobile Devices

Most mobile devices not approved by the PTA cannot be used with SIM cards 60 days after they are imported into Pakistan. After a certain amount of duty/tax has been paid to their device, the PTA will unblock it and the SIM cards can be used again.

Current Tax List published by PTA

PTA fees/taxes were first introduced in 2019 in the form of DIRBS. According to FBR’s official website, Device Identification Registration and Blocking System is designed to detect non-compliant devices running on local mobile networks. It automatically registers such devices and eventually blocks them.

Tax rates for electronic devices have been updated over time. The table below shows the latest rates of PTA taxes:

Mobile Phone PTA Tax Calculator (Passport)

Mobile Phone Value (USD)PTA Tax (PKR)
Up to 301230
Above 30 and up to 1006400
Above 100 and up to 20017280
Above 200 and up to 35023800 + 17% sales tax
Above 350 and up to 50034000 + 17% sales tax
Above 500 and up to 70052000 + 17% sales tax
Above 70060000 + 17% sales tax

Mobile Phone PTA Tax Calculator (CNIC)

Mobile Phone Value (USD)PTA Tax (PKR)
Up to 301430
Above 30 and up to 1007843
Above 100 and up to 20020031
Above 200 and up to 35024770 + 17% sales tax
Above 350 and up to 50039000 + 17% sales tax
Above 500 and up to 70063500 + 17% sales tax
Above 70071500 + 17% sales tax

How to pay PTA tax online

With the introduction of DIRBS by FBR and PTA, payment of PTA taxes has become easier. The online tax registration and payment procedure with PTA is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of DIRBS and create an account.
  • Register your device in the DIRBS portal.
  • Before completing the form, read the instructions provided on the DIRBS website.
  • Enter the required information in the form and select the intended use of your device (personal or commercial). Business users must register with DIRBS to pay taxes.
  • Choose the right type of user who can be Pakistani local or foreign.
  • Submit the form after filling in all the fields. Make sure you enter the correct information with the correct email address.
  • Check your e-mail and check the information sent to your address by the PTA.

Certificate of Conformity Application

  • After receiving the confirmation email from the PTA, use the provided credentials to log into your account.
  • Click Custom Compliance Certificate on the dashboard icon.
  • Additional options will appear; Select Apply for individual COC.
  • Provide a SIM number to any local mobile network operator.

How to provide the device’s IMEI number

For device registration, users can request device IMEI number, SIM card number, etc. are asked to provide information. You must provide details such as

They can get the device’s IMEI number for each SIM by dialing *#06#.

Creating a PSID Payment Slip Identification

After providing the IMEI number, the system will generate a unique PSID that can be used to pay taxes on the mobile device to make it eligible for the PTA.

payment of taxes

After creating a PSID, you can easily pay taxes via any bank account via direct bank transfer. But other mobile wallet accounts can also be used to pay taxes.

Phone Blocked By PTA?? Unlock It

Unlock Block Phone

What is Sales Tax Ad Valorem? | PTA Mobile Registration Tax

Ad valorem sales tax is a percentage of tax applied to the monetary value of various taxable items. In simple terms, it is an additional 17% sales tax on the cash value of mobile phones along with the import duty/tax.

So, according to the new policy, PTA taxes are not the same for all mobile phone devices. The tax amount will vary according to the value of the mobile phone.

PTA keeps updating its policy regarding the registration of mobile phone devices, so please visit the official website for the latest updates.

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