PTA will launch a National Broadband Measurement Program under the new QoS Rules

PTA will launch a National Broadband Measurement Program under the new QoS Rules

PTA to Start National Broadband Measurement Program Under New QoS Regulations

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) will not only conduct surveys and tests for service quality in accordance with the new service quality (QoS) rules, but also all Broadband Service Providers will test the quality of service of Broadband services provided on a quarterly basis. will be made available to consumers and, if necessary, their records will be submitted to the PTA.

In order to know the key performance indicators based on international best practices, the PTA aims to implement and implement the National Broadband Measurement Program (NMB) under the new rules. This will be a recurring program that the Agency can plan and implement in special cases as needed.


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The PTA manages the new program through its own officials / authorized representatives or an appointed agency. According to the new regulations, the PTA also uses this program as a self-designed automatic machine and special programs called “NMB Partners”. will have the authority to implement.

This survey will measure the performance of broadband services in the country to increase the accessibility of broadband services for consumers, and the program will be based on the principles of openness and transparency. The Methodology for the Study of National Broadband Measurement (NMB) Programs will be as follows:

Through the media, PTA and NMB Partners / BSP will select a group of consumers to volunteer.

PTA, NMB Partners, in consultation with BSPs, will select a panel of volunteers from a pool of large potential participants according to a plan designed to create the desired consumer demographic pattern, including geographic location, ISP, and speed level. The aim is to cover the maximum number of BSP and broadband technologies, ie DSL, cable, home fiber, fixed terrestrial wireless and satellite technologies, provided that the subject’s data is confidential during testing. by the appropriate BSP


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A special device pre-configured to measure fixed broadband speeds will be provided with a special test program to measure internet performance and will be placed in voluntary consumer homes by BSPs and connected to a customer external router via Ethernet cable for direct access. fixed internet service. delivered home. All KPIs included in this Regulation will be measured 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, other hours, and after receiving thousands of Net and On-Net tests, the results will be calculated, compiled and reported to the Competent Authority. In the format determined by the institution.

Test equipment with internal memory capacity not available to the user and LAN interfaces with a speed of at least 1 Gbps, Wi-Fi radios supporting 802.11n / ac / ax standards, Net test servers that can interact with the network and External, get a complete list of test servers after the first work of the test group, with the ability to do and measure the simple arrival and departure time for each.


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From now on, the device will select the test server with the least travel time to test. The report will be provided by BSPs at their own cost, with test measurement servers (with adequate computation, storage and network capabilities) that have installed the test scheduler, along with databases, surveys and other test probes. Authority.

The relevant BSP page 21/23 will provide the Authorized Authority with real-time access to such equipment for the information produced by these systems. The organization may appoint its representatives to participate in quality tests and surveys conducted by BSPs.

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