Recent Google Privacy Changes could damage Facebook's Main Meta.

Recent Google Privacy Changes could damage Facebook’s Main Meta

Recent Google Privacy Changes could damage Facebook's Main Meta

Upcoming privacy changes to Google’s Android mobile operating system could upset the digital advertising industry, which is dependent on companies such as Facebook-master Meta.
Alphabet, the search giant’s parent company, said Wednesday that it will impose new restrictions on apps that share user information with third parties and on certain features designed to help marketers track users in many apps.


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Scheduled privacy updates follow similar changes made by Apple to its rival iOS mobile operating system last year. These updates have caught many digital marketers and advertisers recklessly, as changes have been made quickly to prevent users from being tracked by third parties between apps.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Google told Apple that it is “taking a different approach to ad privacy by explicitly restricting existing technologies used by other platforms, developers and advertisers.”
“We believe that such approaches can be ineffective without first providing an alternative way to protect privacy, and could lead to worse outcomes for user privacy and developer businesses.”
Google added that it will continue to support existing digital advertising features for at least another two years, giving advertisers some time to make changes.

Apple is the iOS mobile platform and their respective app store, while Google dominates the app market through Android. Any major change in companies’ operating systems or software stores can have a profound effect on many developers and companies who rely on software and the ecosystem.

For example, Apple’s privacy changes continue to haunt Facebook-based Meta, which has partnered with Google to build a challenging online advertising business that is partially equipped with user data and tracking. In February, Meta said that Apple’s privacy updates had contributed to its disappointing financial results and reduced its market value by about $ 200 billion.

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