Redmi K50 Gaming Edition Transform into Car Video-a baxın

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition Transform into Car Video-a baxın

The Redmi K50 Gaming Edition debuted in China as one of the first gaming phones of 2022. Poco may be as global as the F4 GT, but there is no official announcement from Xiaomi yet.

According to tradition, the game phone has already been dismantled, but in a short video clip. However, this video clip is different from others, because it not only destroys the K50 Gaming Edition, but also turns it into a fully functional, remote-controlled car.

Watch the video to see it in action.

In the video we can see the whole set of cameras, as well as the motherboard and all its components in detail. It also features a JBL tuned internal structure and a dual-cell battery unit connected to a 4,700 mAh unit. This battery has a 120W fast charging support for extremely fast charging.

The mass cooling chamber is located behind the rear panel to control the heat. This is important for smartphones running the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, as it is known for overheating.

Finally, the funniest part of the video is that it shows all these hardware components together in a fully functional remote control car. The car is powered by another Redmi K50 Gaming Edition.

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