What we want to see Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

What we want to see Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Folding smartphones have been making big waves in the last few years, and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is one of our favorites.

Now it seems that the Korean giant is already working hard for the next model, which we hope to come in 2022. This is what we know about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 so far.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 be released?

There is no official information about the Flip 4 from Samsung yet, but we have seen some rumors about possible dates, and we can look at previous models to give us an estimate.

Some news sites are referring to a Korean tech blogger who said on the country’s social media site  Naver that the new model will follow the same release model as the previous models.

If we look at previous versions of the Galaxy Z Flip, there is no model.

Most likely, the leaker is referring to the release date of Flip 3 in particular. This is particularly convincing, as Ross Young, a screen industry expert, said Samsung will begin shipping display panels for the Flip 4 in April. This marks the same month that the company began shipping Flip 3 on the same schedule last year. Interestingly, Samsung ordered 8.7 million panels out of 5.1 million last year, which it expects to sell more Flips this time around.

One tip seems to be that Samsung has adapted the Flip to launch with the Z Fold models. Flip therefore moved from 1 to 3, as it had to accompany the naming and numbering convention with Fold, which was released before the last Flip.

As of its launch in 2019, the Galaxy Z Fold will usually go on sale in September or late August, as in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Based on this, it seems quite reasonable to assume that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (and Z Fold 4) will go on sale in August / September 2022.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cost?

Again, we don’t have confirmed details about the new Flip, so we’ll have to look at previous prices for guidance. That’s how much they cost in the beginning

This drop in prices between the first and second generations is most likely due to lower production costs. As with any first generation product, you usually pay a premium for having the latest technology.

Therefore, we recommend waiting for the second or third version, as it not only allows companies to solve problems, but also saves some money. It seems unlikely that Samsung will lower the price even further, as it is certainly one of the flagship phones these days, which is usually priced at £ 1,000 / € 1,000 / $ 1,000.

Will it be Z Flip 4 or Flip 4?

An interesting wrinkle this year could change Samsung’s naming convention. The company has removed the letter “Z” from the names of its folding models in some markets without explanation – some believe it could be a response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the “Z” symbol is sometimes used by the Russian armed forces.

In any case, there are speculations that the company may completely abandon the letter “Z” and release a new generation of foldable Galaxy Flip 4. There is very little material evidence that any rebranding is on track worldwide

What new features will we see in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Frankly, we are now in the realm of speculation and rumors, which we hope will soon collapse with the news from Samsung.

As mentioned above, a Korean tech leak spread rumors from various outlets, including the Hindustan Times and Slash Gear, reflecting some potential improvements to the Flip 4.

These include a lighter structure for the chassis while maintaining the same dimensions. This will be supported by an improved hinge, which is good news as it remains one of the potential weaknesses of any flap design – and this is one of the few areas where the Z Flip 3 is behind the latest Huawei P50 Pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has seen the introduction of IPX8 water resistance, but rumors are talking about improvements in this regard. We can only assume that this applies to dust permeability that is not present in Flip 3.

GSMArena said that Samsung will include a selfie camera at the bottom of the screen, but many prototypes are in active development, and some still have a hole camera aperture. This shows that Samsung is still testing the capabilities of the old approach and checking whether it is ready for prime-time.

Leaked chunvn8888 believes that the company has decided against the camera at the bottom of the screen, but adds that Samsung is considering switching to a triple rear camera this time. However, he warns that “quality [sic] will not increase sharply.”

At the same time, this is the only leak that predicts a 10-20% increase in battery capacity, while other forecasters claim that the battery will remain the same size as the Flip 3. If the chassis retains its current dimensions, this makes sense. , but the battery life on the Flip 3 isn’t amazing at all, so if you’re a heavy user, you need to know where your charger is.

According to the Korean website Elec, Samsung does not change the screens much, or at least does not change the size. The site says that the internal folding screen will again be 6.7 inches, and the external screen will increase slightly from 1.83 inches to 1.9 inches. Chun guesses the same thing on the outside screen, but says it could be bigger than 2 inches.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor installed in this device may be upgraded to the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but in fact, as two leaks predicted, it looks more likely that the Flip 4 will use the upcoming 8 Gen 1+: Galox and  Ice Universe. 8 GB of memory and 128/256 GB of memory options will most likely remain the same.

It is too early, many of these rumors may change with the development of the device. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available, so be sure to check back to see what Samsung has to offer.

Until then, take a look at our guide to the best phones to come out in 2022.

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