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How to check sim owner details with name and address? Is there any method to get information about sim owner, this question is rising in mind of every person and they desired to know who is the owner of sim and further details about sim, then keep reading this article as we are providing you complete sim owner name by mobile number and further necessary information related to sim. In this article, you will aware that how will find out sim owner details in Pakistan CNIC, where he live and complete location info.

SIM Check on CNIC

SMS Method

Message your 13-digit CNIC number to the 668 SIM check number. After a minute or two, you will receive a message which will tell the details about the total number of SIMs on CNIC.

Online SIM Check Method

You can visit the website for an online check sim number through CNIC. Visit the website, and enter the CNIC number there. Fill in the captcha code. Within few seconds, the information will be displayed on your mobile screen.

SIM Information System By CNIC

SIM Information System By CNIC


SIM Information helps you to find any sim number details in Pakistan for free.

As a multi-purpose tool, including SIM information, CNIC information, license information, location information, Info about the place of residence, and electricity bill checkers.

By using the SIM details tool, you will be able to find out information about any card that has been registered in Pakistan, including the name of the owner and the name of the network provider. By using the CNIC information tool, you will be able to check the personal details of any Pakistani citizen based on their CNIC number. It is possible to verify the authenticity of any driving license in Pakistan with the help of the license info tool. In Pakistan, the location info tool allows you to locate any mobile number by tracking its exact location. If you are a Pakistani citizen, you can use the domicile info tool to check the status of your domicile certificate. Last but not least, you will be able to check your electricity bills online with the electricity bill checker tool.

Overall, SIM Info is an interesting and useful tool for anyone who lives in Pakistan who wants to access information as quickly and as easily as possible.

SIM Information With Number

Sim owner information online with PTA

For sim owner details in Pakistan PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is authorized that whenever new sim is purchased, a double-size SIM is obtained, or if you want to adjust the SIM owner name or to revise your SIM for some reason, it must be verified by biometric verification system (BVS) in Pakistan after get verified from NADRA. One person can get only 5 sims per CNIC and no more.

The company sales channel must have your CNIC number, date of the visit, and the name and address of the sales channel to send your complaint to PTA using a sim information system.

Now a days many people adopt wrong ways to sell their sims and fool the people, so you should aware from reality and do not purchase sim from anyone. Hope that this article will help you to get info of sim owner detail.

How to Check Sim Owner Details in Pakistan?

There are multiple method are available to check sim owner details in Pakistan and these method will work for all of telecom sim Telenor, Zong, Ufone, Jazz-Warid and SCOM. Pakistan Telecom Authority also has launch the online sim database information system that will help the users to check the details, number of sim on CNIC and others info.

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