Telenor Number Check

Telenor Number Check Code


Telenor number check code in Pakistan is *8888#. Dial this code from your Telenor SIM card, the number displays on the phone screen.

How to check Telenor number Via SMS Telenor number check code

  1. Open on phone application for regular texting.  
  2. Send a blank text message to 7421.  
  3. Then you have to wait for a while to receive a response from 7421.
  4. The resulting text message will include your Telenor number

Check Telenor SIM Number Via Call

You may get your number by making a free call to the 7421 IVR, and you’ll get an SMS after the call is through.

Check Telenor SIM Number Via Missed Call

Give any other number, such as friends or relatives, a miss call from your phone. In the event that you do this, your SIM number will be visible as missed calls on another phone number where you have called.

Check Telenor SIM Number Via Live Chat (Website Online)

Through an online webchat, you can verify your Telenor SIM number the quickest. You may discuss your issue with a Telenor representative online. The official Telenor website hosts the discussion.

  • Visit the Telenor official Customer Care support by following this link.
  • Enter your name and some other mobile number
  • Then click the ‘Start Chat button
  • Start typing your query and give them the information that the representative will ask you. He will ask for your name, CNIC, and IMSI number.
  • After checking the details, the representative will then provide you with your Telenor number and detail.

Hopefully, you will be able to verify your Telenor sim number using the procedure mentioned above. If you are still having trouble checking the number, please let me know in the comments section below. Don’t hold back from assisting others by sharing the content on social media if you like it. After knowing your Telenor sim number if you are curious that how Telenor sim can give you several other benefits and how this sim has many competitive offers then you must go through Telenor internet packages as it has an amazing package through which you can do smooth surfing at cheap rates and amazing Telenor SMS packages that can make you closer to your loved ones.

How to check Telenor number Via APP

To find your Telenor number through the My Telenor app, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the  Play Store to find and install the My Telenor app.  
  2. Open the My Telenor app.  
  3. Click the “Start” button.  

Your Telenor number will be displayed on the main screen of the Telenor application, from where it can be easily viewed and recorded. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Your choice Freely display your Telenor SIM number on your mobile device.
  • Only the active sim may be checked; the inactive sim may not function.
  • If the code above has a problem, please check the Telenor website. Codes might change at any time.
  • Call the Telenor helpline to learn more.
  • By dialing the assistance line, you may verify the Telenor Sim Owner, Telenor Number registered address and Location of Telenor Number and Telenor Sim.


How can I check my Telenor number?

Dial USSD code: *8888#How to check your Telenor number

What is 7751 code in Telenor?

Customer can send any SMS (including blank SMS) to 7751. In reply the system tells the customer if the number in use is BVS verified or not. Customer can send any SMS (including blank SMS) to 7750

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