The Best Migration Approaches For SharePoint Online

The Best Migration Approaches For SharePoint Online

Moving from SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online is usually done using a migration tool. The reason for considering this migration process as a migration tool is that there is no provision in SharePoint Online for the method of connecting to SharePoint in a database in local enhancements. There are several types of third-party migration tools on the market, but business owners need to clean the one that works best for their unique needs.

Considerations related to transport

Because data transfer from local SharePoint to O365 SharePoint Online is relatively slow, companies need to assess their existing environments and identify a SharePoint Migration approach that reduces the risk of migration and its impact on employees who use it.

Determining the migration approach that best suits your business needs, the size of the overall data to be transferred, the data transfer rate, the number of sites and elements, the degree of redesign on Office 365 sites, acceptable time sites, and content inaccessible to end users. All these facts are very important in the migration process.

Migration Approach Options Guide:

In this approach, sites, lists, and libraries are created manually in Office 365, and then the list and library information are loaded to the end point using an interface.

There are no license fees. Users work when the amount of data is small and the loss of available metadata is not significant.

Big bang:

This method starts the site and data transfer and continues until all sites and data are transferred to Office 365. All users have access to new sites at the same time.

Less difficulty in the migration process. Easier training and minimal transitions.


In this approach, sites and data are transferred according to schedule. Because certain sites are relocated, employees work in both source and target countries.

Less risk, companies have a chance to find and solve problems in the first site migration before moving to a new environment. With so many sites and information around, this is the only possible way for business owners to migrate.

Go ahead:

In this method, only sites and information related to existing business processes are transferred. For example, only the contents of an active customer account are transferred to new customer sites.

Reduces the amount of content for transportation. Creates an automatic cleaning effect for unused content.


This approach migrates all sites and content to Office 365 and then uses the function in the migration tool to detect changes, update created content, or make changes from the first migration date.

Less worry for end users. Easier to manage change. This reduces the difficulty of the transition process.

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