The Ministry of IT will establish a Cloud Office as part of Pakistan's First Cloud Policy

The Ministry Of IT Will Establish A Cloud Office As Part Of Pakistan’s First Cloud Policy

The Ministry of IT will establish a Cloud Office as part of Pakistan's First Cloud Policy

After Pakistan’s first Cloud Policy was approved by the Federal Cabinet, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT) decided to set up a cloud office at the ministry, with reliable sources reporting gadget prices.

The establishment of a cloud office at MoITT is the first step in accelerating the implementation of cloud policy. The Cloud Office will act as the flagship of cloud application in Pakistan and set the registration criteria for cloud service providers in accordance with local and international standards, and support the provincial cloud application efforts to ensure uniformity in cloud reception in Pakistan.


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The Government of Pakistan will ensure that cloud policy is implemented through the cloud office. This planned management structure will allow the roadmap to create a structured and formal organizational structure for cloud management in Pakistan. According to the cloud policy, the cloud office is obliged to perform the following functions:

  • Establish a framework for classification, accreditation, registration and compliance for Cloud Service Providers based on international criteria.
  • Follow or follow Cloud Service Providers according to established criteria.
  • Encourage cloud culture and the adoption of cloud services across Utilities.
  • If there is a legitimate reason to evade / exclude a cloud policy, provide a time-based Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Application of methods for the first investment in the cloud.
  • Support states in adopting the first cloud policy in their jurisdictions.

The Cloud Office will develop criteria for all Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who choose to serve Government Services organizations. The criteria will be based on international criteria such as security, reliability, price, interoperability, usability and other defined parameters.


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The process of being on an accredited list of Cloud Service Providers will be determined by the cloud office. The Cloud Office will maintain an accredited list of Cloud Service Providers for utility assets. This will make it easier for utilities to procure cloud services, while ensuring that the security and reliability offered by CSP meet local and international standards.

Utilities are required to provide services only from the list of accredited Cloud Service Providers. The Cloud Office will have the authority to revoke CSP’s accreditation in case of non-compliance.

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