The World's First USB C iPhone 12 Pro Max Up Is On Sale

The World’s First USB C iPhone 12 Pro Max Up Is On Sale

The World's First USB C iPhone 12 Pro Max Up Is On Sale

If Apple does not intend to bring USB C to iPhones, hardware engineers will do so unofficially. The Slovak company DEEP has successfully transferred the USB C port to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and it is fully operational.

This makes it the first iPhone 12 Pro Max with a USB C port, but not the first iPhone in general. This was done in November last year on an iPhone X by robotics student Ken Pillonel. But this time the transplant was performed by hardware and software engineers.

The iPhone Lightning port was opened to go to the stack, and several parts were removed. After removal, measurements were made to find a suitable size for the USB C connector so that it could be properly inserted into the housing. With the removal of the Lightning port gasket, there is not enough space left to accommodate the USB C.

A new flexible cable is provided for the USB C port, and the original MFI chip is taken from another device. MMI contains an identification chip used in Apple devices that checks whether the charger is suitable for use. It was soldered to a flexible mount and housed inside a 3D printed housing for the device.

The USB C plug fits this Frankenstein port almost perfectly. However, the speakers needed a bit of nudity to fit the new USB C body.

When the iPhone was reconnected, the new port worked well for both charging and data transfer. USB C iPhone 12 Pro Max is now up for auction on eBay.

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first iPhone to have a USB C port. The first was the iPhone X, created by Ken Pillonel. It sold for $ 86,001 on eBay.

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