This Years Best Laptops From Dell

This Years Best Laptops From Dell

Find the best laptops for your specific needs in 2022

In 2022, laptops will need to perform more tasks than ever before. After all, more people are working remotely than ever before. The best laptops don’t just deliver the best performance, they’re also well-designed, comfortable, powerful, reliable and immersive.

Dell provides devices with exceptional performance, exceptional reliability, and stylish design. Whether it’s a laptop for home office productivity, multimedia streaming, light creative work, competitive gaming, or everyday use, Dell has laptops that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What are the specs of the best laptops?

The best laptop for your lifestyle differs depending on the laptop’s role in your life. Is your laptop your main source of entertainment? In this case, you can choose larger screen sizes and better refresh rates. Is your laptop just a productivity tool? It is better to look for laptops that have longer battery life and are more portable. You can be a professional graphic designer who multitasks and pays attention to visual details to support as many applications as possible, or you can be a student hoping to get the most value out of your laptop on a budget.

Thanks to the evolving nature of business these days, laptops need to be more portable than ever before. Even professionals who aren’t used to traveling for their job work outside the office, so a well-designed laptop in 2022 that doesn’t take too much time and effort to set up may make the most sense for you. Here are other factors to consider:

battery life

Battery life varies greatly from one laptop to the next. If you often need to use your laptop away from a power source, you’ll want a computer that offers more hours of use between charges. More professionals than ever are working remotely, so battery life and portability are more important than ever.

Size and form factor

Small laptops with 11-inch or 13-inch screens are generally lighter and more portable and suitable for people who need to stay “on the go” for work. Larger laptops with 15 or 17 inch screens are better for multimedia and creative applications. This is because creatives often have two large screens to run multiple apps at once. With these factors in mind, the best laptop size will depend on your exact needs.

Screen type and resolution

In 2022, touchscreen laptops could be an upgrade worth making. It’s better for users who want a more intuitive experience, and it’s also great for creatives. For example, a touchscreen can make it easy for illustrators and designers to draw, take notes or save space in the office. 4K laptop provides a higher, more premium viewing experience. With higher resolutions, these laptops provide a more immersive experience for work, play or streaming.

Keyboard comfort

The ergonomic keyboard is ideal for users who spend more time on their laptop. Laptops aren’t just for work or entertainment, and you’re likely to use your computer for more than one reason.

That’s why a more comfortable keyboard may make sense for you, no matter your situation or setting.

Optimal performans

There are several components of a computer that make it among the best of 2022:

The latest processors can handle more tasks simultaneously and improve system performance when working with graphics, video and gaming applications. Multiple cores are suitable for daily use. Alternatively, a quad-core laptop that combines multiple processors on a single CPU board for higher performance.

The best laptop should have at least 16 GB of memory. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, 32GB is recommended for the best gaming experience.

A solid-state drive (SSD) is faster and lighter than the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), though it may cost a bit more.

Everything you’re looking for in a laptop, you can find it at Dell. Combining outstanding performance and reliability with stylish form factors and a range of options, the XPS and Inspiron devices are among Dell’s best laptops this year.

XPS laptops

XPS laptops are the perfect combination of style and power. Designed by perfectionists, XPS laptops are precision-crafted with high-quality materials and have the performance needed for great visuals and creative tasks and big ideas. The stunning displays on XPS laptops are designed for high resolution and incredible color accuracy for endless color and brilliant detail.

Its high-performance components are packed into a smaller, thinner, and lighter design. The groundbreaking technologies provide users with more immersive experiences and pack a more powerful performance. XPS are also equipped with the latest processors and graphics cards, which helps ensure that they remain among the best college laptops, and the best overall laptops from Dell.

Inspiron laptops

Inspiron laptops provide everyday essentials to power your day and enhance your life at home. Whether it’s checking email, video chatting, listening to music, posting on social media, or streaming movies, Inspiron laptops keep you connected to what matters most.

Thoughtful designs allow users to choose features and options that fit your lifestyle. Latest generation processors, robust storage and memory, and UHD displays deliver outstanding performance in a compact design. Lightweight materials, stunning sound and visuals, and meaningful innovations all help Inspiron devices become the best laptops for writers and the best laptops for students in Dell’s portfolio.

The best gaming laptops from Dell

Alienware laptops

Alienware laptops take you deep into every game. With leading design and functionality, Alienware laptops feature thin bezels to maximize the display and deliver a more immersive experience. Alienware laptops also offer innovative ventilation and cooling technology that helps improve thermal performance, increase airflow rates and strengthen the chassis.

NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics and SSD storage also work together to provide Alienware laptops with the speed and power for faster gameplay, thanks to the latest Intel core processors.

G-Series gaming laptops

G-Series laptops are designed for the needs of mainstream gamers. Powerful processors and efficient cooling technology deliver a portable gaming-first laptop that won’t break the bank. NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and 8 GB of GDDR6 video memory deliver clear and detailed visuals. An optional 144Hz display ensures fluid visuals and greater responsiveness for more competitive gameplay.

Why are Dell laptops the best choice in 2022?

more options
With Dell’s XPS and Inspiron laptops, you’ll have many preset configurations for everything from screen size and touchscreen options to processors, memory, memory type and graphics cards.

Free shipping and easy returns

Every Dell laptop ships free of charge with standard delivery. If you don’t love your purchase, the process is hassle-free: You can return it within 30 days. 

Price match

If you see a lower price on the Internet for a product equivalent to your Dell laptop, Dell will match that advertised price.

Expert help

Every Dell laptop includes technical support offered online and over the phone, plus a 1-year limited hardware warranty with lots of options for upgrades.

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