Top 10 Ufone Internet Packages

Top 10 Ufone Internet Packages

Pakistani telecommunications company Ufone offers its customers some of the most interesting internet packages. Ufone has the best internet packages for every customer, from daily packages to exclusive content packages. But it is very difficult because there are so many packages to choose from. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about the 10 best Ufone internet packages that are ideal for your use.

Top 10 Ufone Internet Packages

Below are the first 10 Ufone internet packages that we think will be the best for you.

Special Daily

In a special daily internet package you can get 500 MB of data (Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp) + 50 MB of other data from 01:00 AM to 09:00 PM Rs.6 by simply dialing * 3461 # or activating this daily internet offer. Using the Ufone mobile application.

Daily Light

In the daily light package you will get 500MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Twitter all day + 40MB for other things. To join this amazing offer, dial *2256# only Rs. 12 or use the Ufone mobile application.

Daily Heavy

If you are an avid social media user, this package is definitely for you. In this package you will get 500MB data for one day (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line) + 75MB data for others. Just dial *2258# only Rs. 18 and subscribe to this interesting offer now.

Daily Mega Internet

Ufone has created this package especially for night data users. Thanks to this package, you can have 2 GB of uninterrupted internet from 01:00 AM to 08:00 AM Rs. 15. only by using the Use My Ufone program or dialing *550#.

3 Day Bucket

In this data package, customers get 500 MB of data for Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp + 100 MB of data for others in just 3 days. Subscribe to this offer by dialing *3350# on your mobile device. only Rs. 30

Weekly Super Internet

In the weekly super internet package you will get 1.2 GB of internet for a week. Just dial * 220 # and subscribe to this great weekly data offer. only Rs 130

Weekly Internet Plus

The weekly internet plus offer gives customers 6 GB of information per week. However, subscribers of this offer can consume only 3 GB of data from 01:00 AM to 08:00. AM To activate this weekly internet offer, dial *260# or use “My Ufone application”. only Rs. 175

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Super Internet Plus

In the Super internet plus package you get 5 GB data for WhatsApp + 8 GB data for other products for a total of Rs. 499 in 30 days. Dial *290# on your mobile device to join this amazing offer.

Top 10 Ufone Internet Packages.
Monthly Light

In this monthly internet package you will get 2 GB of data (Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp) + 1 GB for other items worth Rs. 390 in 30 days. To activate this interesting internet package, dial *7807# or log in to the Ufone mobile application.

Social Monthly

If your information consumption is mainly on social sites or programs, this offer is for you. Here you can get 1 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for only Rs 60 for a full month. To join this campaign, dial *5858# from your mobile phone or activate it via My Ufone application.

Note: To find all Ufone internet packages, you can visit the plan finder page.

Here, you understand! These are the 10 best Ufone internet packages you can currently subscribe to. If you have any questions on the topic, let us know in the comments and follow this space for more guidance.

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