Top 10 Zong Internet Packages

Top 10 Zong Internet Packages

Over the past few years, Zong has risen to the top of the telecommunications industry. With a base of 36 million subscribers, the Chinese mobile company is the first choice of many Pakistanis. So, if you are a Zong subscriber and want to know about their data plans, you have clicked on the right search result. Because in this article we have prepared a list of the first 10 Zong internet packages that will help you choose the ideal internet plan for your use.

Top 10 Zong Internet Packages..

The following is a list of internet packages that can meet all the needs of data users.

Daily Data Max

With this plan, you will get 500 MB of data and 500 MB of YouTube for a total of all day long Rs. 38+ taxes. You can activate this offer on the site by opening the tariff activation menu in the mobile application or by dialing *6464#.

Day Time Offer

If you consume more information during the day, this offer will be the best for you. In this package you get 1200 MB of data with Rs. 16+ taxes. The price of this package is valid from 04:00 AM to 07:00. AM

Top 10 Zong Internet Packages..

Good Night Offer

Zong offers internet packages for everyone. This offer is for users who want to use high-speed internet at night. Subscribers of this offer will receive 2.5 GB of data on only from 1 am to 9 am. Rs 16+ taxes.

Super Weekly

This weekly based package gives you 2.5 GB of information for the price of Rs. 165 for a week. With this package you can use high speed Zong internet anywhere and anytime

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Super Weekly Plus

In this package you will have 7 GB Zong internet valid for 7 days. You can activate this package only for Rs. 240.

Super Weekly Max

If you need more data to watch YouTube videos, this offer is definitely for you. Here you get 30 GB of data for (15 GB for YouTube + 15 GB for other things). Rs 299 for a week. This package can definitely meet all your data needs.

Top 10 Zong Internet Packages.
Super Weekly Premium

With the Super Weekly Rewards Package, you get 30 GB of Rs. 330 data and 100 free all network minutes. Like the above package, this package is valid for 7 days.

Monthly Basic

By activating this offer, you get 500 MB of internet for Rs. 150+ taxes per month. This package is designed for customers who do not use much mobile data. Thus, it is better to activate this proposal to avoid the default rate of Rs. 4+ taxes per MB.

Monthly Premium

If you do not want to deal with the daily and weekly activation of the package, this package provides all the convenience you need. With this package you get 5 GB of internet per month. only Rs. 500.

Monthly Premium Bundle

With the monthly premium package, you get a total of 30 GB of data (15 GB hard drive + 15 GB for YouTube) with Rs. 1000 for a month. With this package you can watch your favorite YouTube videos and other things without worrying about data consumption.

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages

To activate any internet package, you can use Zong’s official website, mobile application or open a mobile activation tariff by dialing *6464# on your mobile device.

Note: Not all of the above packages will be automatically re-subscribed, you must re-subscribe to the package when it expires.

You can check the usage and expiration date by dialing *102# or logging in to the My Zong mobile app.

Here, you understand! These are the best 10 Zong internet packages. If you liked this article, let us know in the comments. We will contact you soon.

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