Toyota wants to launch mechanical electric cars

Toyota wants to launch mechanical electric cars

Toyota Manual Electric Cars
Toyota Manual Electric Cars

Various automakers have tested very fast gearboxes in electric cars (EVs), but none have been successful enough to start production. Although the Porsche Thai and Audi E-Tron GT are two brands currently on the market, Toyota is trying to do what is described in the patents.

Toyota wants to build a system similar to converting an internal combustion engine (ICE) into electricity by maintaining a manual transmission. These EV conversions are usually released on a single gear (third or fourth), depending on the engine configuration and maximum speed (RPM) per minute, eliminating the need for a clutch as no gear replacement is required.

Manual Electric Cars

This is how it works

At first glance, Toyota’s patent descriptions and diagrams may seem complicated, but the idea behind them is quite simple. The system will use a special controller that changes the torque of the electric motor to make it feel more like a gasoline-powered car.

Although it is mentioned in the text as a “false shifter” and a “false clutch pedal”, it appears to be the actual clutch pedal that the driver presses to change speed by moving the physical transmission. it is not necessary and that is their purpose. is to simulate the sense of mechanical transmission in a car that does not require

The electric vehicle controller is configured to control the torque of the electric motor using the MT car model based on the accelerator pedal capacity, the clutch pedal capacity and the gearbox gear position. called conductive. used with the operation of the reaction force transmitter.
The controller is configured to maintain the sliding reaction force characteristic, which simulates the sliding reaction force characteristic according to the sliding operation. The controller is then configured to control the output of the sliding reaction force by the sliding reaction force generator according to the operation of the dummy slider using the stored displacement reaction force characteristic.

Designed for sports cars

Simply put, the default conductor works just like the Mazda MX-5; where each push of the accelerator causes the accelerator to move and react differently, increasing the excitement and character of the car. .

This raises the possibility that Toyota may accept this fake manual transmission in the upcoming sports car. Toyota President Akio Toyoda is enthusiastic about this and has promised to bring more interesting cars to the company’s inventory.

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