upcoming cars 2021

upcoming cars 2021

This year has been exciting for the automotive market as several new cars have been launched in the country. The upcoming cars 2021 includes Toyota Yaris, Prince Pearl, Hyundai Tucson and MG HS, which means competition in the local market is growing. The new entrants have increased the choice of local buyers because after years they have obtained new vehicles except the “Big Three”.

gadgetsprices upcoming cars 2021

Following is the list of the sedans and SUV`s, which will potentially be launched in the country.

Honda City 2021

Honda City 2021

Honda City will be perhaps Pakistan’s most sought after car in 2021, as Honda Atlas has not left a new generation in Pakistan since 2010. It should be noted that Pakistan is the fifth largest country to graduate in international trade. ., long in 2014. According to reports, the company will launch a new car of this model in 2021. So far, the Japanese car manufacturer has started the seventh generation in India last year a. The Indian car has a 1500cc engine, CVT 7 speed and 6 speed manual transmission.

In addition, the car has a lightweight, 16-inch alloy wheels on the outside, and it has an 8-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Alexa Remote Capability and props on the inside.

Now, we have decided whether to start the sixth or seventh generation of Honda in Pakistan. There is a lot of information about this, as some sources say Honda is launching a new generation 7. However, import data shows that the company has introduced the sixth generation City CBUs from Thailand. According to the report, Honda City “GM6” with 1500cc machines has reached the country. When Honda released the sixth generation, it meant we had a car that also stopped internationally last year.

So stretch your fingers and wait for the city to start when we get a new Honda car; However, time shows the age we have.

The estimated budget for the new Honda City is $ 3 million.


1.5 Liter SOHC 16-Valve i-VTEC Inline-4

5-Speed Manual
CVT Automatic Transmission


1.5 L Petrol: 17KM/L
1.5 L Diesel: 22KM/L


1.5 Liter SOHC 16-Valve i-VTEC Inline-4 [email protected]

Suzuki Cultus 2021

Suzuki Cultus 2021

Pak Suzuki promoted the Cultus (1000 cc car) considering the need for a well-functioning car. Country. VXL contains airbags, power steering, power windows, fog lamps, and an occasional blocking brake system, features disassembled with VXR but with a cheap price. The price of the Suzuki Cultus is between 1,780,000 PKR and 2,130,000.
Cultus 2021 has a compact hatchback design. The front has an extra face consisting of a shiny nose between a beautiful glow placed on a light colored round banner. The back has a trapezoidal back that can burn. The long-term appearance of Suzuki 2021 is unique and appropriate and worth exploring also in other parts of Pakistan.Features of the 3rd generation Cultus are dual front airbags, power windows, CD player and AUX and USB slots with a powerful mirror The Suzuki Cultus collection The huge and efficient

The Cultus 2021 offers an average of 18-19 KM / L in the city and on the highway offering an average of 20-22 KM / L

Pearl red, graphite gray, white, super pearl black, cerulean blue, silky silver and buff.

The main competitors of the Cultus 2021 are Toyota Vitz, Toyota Passo, Suzuki Wagon R and Mitsubishi Mirage.

Suzuki Celery Pakistan (Suzuki Cultus) description is

1.0-liter 12-valve SOHC engine, 50 hp. _ @ _ 6000 rpm, 90 Nm of torque _ @ _ 3500

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Suzuki Swift 2021

Suzuki Swift 2021

Mr. Suzuki brought four generations of Swift students to Pakistan. The car will have a beautiful interior with a large number of accessories and small tools. The price of the ship should also be 23 to 25 rubles.

The fourth generation Suzuki Swift will launch worldwide at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in Japan. The Suzuki Swift 2021 is a front-wheel drive hatchback engine. The Suzuki Swift 2021 has a more efficient design than the previous generation thanks to the HARTECH platform. Rumors spread around the world that Pak Suzuki will introduce the fourth generation Suzuki Swift to all previous generations in 2021 The new Suzuki Swift 2021 will cost 2.5 Million PKR.

The front screen of the Suzuki Swift 2021 has headlights, headlights and ventilation holes around the car. You can find new, easier ways, and in many places there will be a nice seat around the car, which will give you a full, but not so bad look. Suzuki Swift gave 2021 a chance to buy another car at work.
The interior of the Suzuki Swift 2021 uses black materials. Not bad, control panel and frame box coolers have been added. Bonus Driver will receive a colored TFT color indicator to display various information in the center. The Suzuki Swift 2021 is more spacious, comfortable and practical, especially when you look at the small look of the Swift.

The Suzuki Swift 2021 has a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder jet engine, 1.2L KB12 fuel, SVS Hybrid and many other engines such as 1.3L and 1.5L. The best of these is to have a 1.2L K12C engine throughout Pakistan

Suzuki Swift 2021 competitors Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Ignis, Honda Face and Toyota Aqua

Press release
1.2 liter DOHC 16 valves 90 horsepower _ _ 6000 rpm, power 118 Nm _ @ _ 4400

Injuries and injuries
As a leader, focus on yourself and all areas of life.
High security
Perfect stroke section.
The middle of the shoe fits the cover.

BAIC BJ40 Plus 2021

BAIC BJ40 Plus 2021

The Jeep cum SUV, BJ40 Plus, is another highlight in this segment. While the details of the launch have not yet been confirmed, it is hoped that it will be available to Pakistan by 2021.

However, the two should be 2,000 inches each. One of the best features of this car is that you can remove the doors, the roof, wrap the car and turn it into a classic SUV.

In addition, the car has a fun 11-inch screen, Sport + Snow driving mode and a lightweight top. It also has a three-way rear camera, sea speed control, traffic control and color control.
SUV, Jeep-cum-SUV, BJ40 Plus, will be the best product on the market. The launched date is not confirmed yet, hopefully it will be won by Pakistan by 2021.

The Rs 6 million motor is a 2000 cc engine that produces 215 horsepower and 270 Newton torque.

According to the gadgetsprices upcoming cars 2021 section, it should start in May 2021

KIA Cerato 2021

KIA Cerato 2021

KIA is expected to be the most expensive in upcoming cars 2021 list after being ranked as Pakistan’s most expensive car in 2020. With the help of Sportage, KIA has reached the point of protest and the company plans to announce more models. According to reports, the new bus will be announced in 2021. According to KIA Pakistan, the new bus will have a displacement of 1,600 cubic meters. Watch, with 6-speed automatic transmission

In addition, the car will have an automatic head, a tilt screw, rear wheels and two side handles. The company has improved the rear heat sink, 8-inch shell, and crash reports.
KIA already launched cars in Pakistan in last decade, it is well known in the market after the success of Sportage, Grand Carnival and Picanto.

Now, the brand intends to market its famous KIA Cerato in the Pakistani market. KIA estimates that the new passenger car will be operational by August 2021. According to KIA Pakistan, the new passenger car will have a displacement of 1,600 cubic meters. Visible automatic transmission with 6 transmission lines. The generator produces a power of 124 Nm and consumes 154 Nm.

According to GadgetsPrices.com, the car will come with an automatic head, camera and goggles, independent two-way temperature control at the rear. KIA also developed a heated seat in the back of the heater, an 8-inch profile, audio control,a grinder and a steering wheel.

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