Windows 11 Everything You Need to Know

Windows 11 Everything You Need to Know

In early 2021, it seemed unlikely that Microsoft would soon release a successor to Windows 10. Speculation about the potential Windows 11 widened, especially after Microsoft announced an event for June 24.

Shortly after Microsoft finally confirmed the release date of October 5, 2021, the initial setup is now available to members of Windows Insider.

As described in company’s official blog post, the update was not immediately delivered to all compatible devices. Microsoft has reduced its ability to manage demand by opting for newer equipment.

Microsoft released Windows 11 at the same time as Windows 11, making the Surface Pro 8 Surface Laptop Studio Surface Go 3 and Surface Pro X (2021) one of the first devices to take the new operating system out of the box. There have been many alternatives for several months now

Here’s everything you need to know about Windows 11

How is Windows 11?

Clearly, wanting not to disappoint millions of people by making drastic changes (as in the end, as in Windows 8), Microsoft has retained the same basic plan as the basic redesign. you can turn the latter to the side if you wish

There’s a new widget panel that can show live news and more, replacing the old Start Menu live tiles, and clear Windows has improved grouping and pasting so you can focus more easily on what you’re trying to do.

Windows 11 has improved with the introduction of gestures on tablets and a new on-screen keyboard that is more similar to the one on your phone. You can even install and use Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, but this is just the beginning. walk

While there are many visual changes, for most people, Windows 11 should be an easy transition from Windows 10.

When did windows 11 come out

  • First release date: October 5, 2021
  • Free upgrades for all compatible Windows 10 computers coming soon
  • Insider Preview Builds and ISO files are now available for download

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 was officially released on October 5, 2021.

However, the actual date when genuine hardware manufacturers can begin rolling out Windows 11 will be OEMs, the blog post says, which will be available later as part of a step-by-step and measured approach to devices suitable for improvement on the market.

Immediately after the initial launch, an official Twitter account confirmed that Windows Twitter users are waiting until 2022 for a free update.


However, an official blog post from January 2022 confirmed that this is premature, given that Windows 11 is now entering its final stages of existence, and all compatible devices will soon receive the update.

However, you don’t have to wait for it to be delivered to your laptop or computer. If you agree to install it manually, the latest version is available for download from the Microsoft website. Learn more about how to do it in our separate guide. To download Windows 11 now. This ISO file is also the way if you want to install it via USB.

How much does Windows 11 cost?

  • Free for compatible computers, new equipment prices depending on the manufacturer

Rating has always been one of the main questions, but the good news is that it is free for compatible computers. This will continue indefinitely throughout the life of Windows 11.

However, it’s not as simple as all Windows 10 devices get Windows 11, as explained below. Microsoft has updated the hardware requirements for the new operating system.

Of course, upgrading from Windows 10 will not be the only way to get Windows 11. The company will evaluate its hardware, but expects its equivalent Windows 10 devices to be similar

Note that the free update will be for the same version of Windows you used in Windows 10. For example, if you want to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 Pro, it’s a good idea to get Windows 10 Pro first. Microsoft website for £219.99/$199.99

Wasn’t Windows 10 the latest version of Windows?

Microsoft said yes when announcing Windows 10 But it probably changed its mind. The company could have released these changes in the Windows 10 update, but chose not to return to this announcement during the presentation, and customers have brief memories.

Interestingly, Microsoft referred to this in the April 2022 hybrid business event. However, the company described the pandemic as the main driver of this change in strategy, adding that “how, when and where we work radically changed overnight.”

But after a few months with Windows 11, it’s clear that not much has changed under the surface.

Will my current computer or laptop work with Windows 11?

The minimum hardware requirements for Microsoft Windows 11 are:

  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB of storage
  • UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12
  • Display larger than 9in with 720p or higher resolution
  • Microsoft account + internet connection

I’m not sure if your device is compatible. Microsoft has released an updated version of the PC Health Check program to help you do this, which can be downloaded from the bottom of the Windows 11 homepage.

Windows 11 trailer

There are two important trailers worth watching for Windows 11. The first is the official trailer from June 24.

What new features does Windows 11 have?

There’s a lot to go into in detail here, but here are the key things you need to know

First of all, there are major visual repairs Windows 10 has maintained similar looks and feel throughout its life, but with Microsoft Windows 11, this is about to change.

The new taskbar moves the icons to the center, but this can easily be returned to a more traditional layout, meaning that time and date are displayed on all external displays, and the drag and drop function is expected to return in the 22H2 feature update.

However, there is no indication that other deleted features will reappear, and the Windows 11 taskbar still lacks some personalization features compared to the Windows 10 version.

While its new design isn’t necessarily for everyone, the new Start Menu is definitely not lacking. In fact, this aesthetics is similar to what Microsoft has now combined for the now-defunct Windows 10X. When dark mode is active, it looks like this:

Windows 11

It has a network of “Saved” icons that can be customized with a separate “All Programs” section for everything you install. The “Recommended” section below shows the most recently used files, programs, and folders, including those from cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft 365, and allows you to quickly move from where you left off, even if it’s the last time you use another device.

However, many people were disappointed by this, especially the lack of individualization. However, Microsoft has since added the ability to distinguish between Saved and Recommended sections. The following official screenshots give you an idea of what it looks like:


One of the new features that has been well undermined is the new Snap Layouts multifunctional. Swiping the max zoom button lets you choose the order of the programs on the screen as you can see below.

Widgets are not a key feature in the latest versions of Windows, but this has changed. The panel slides from the left, but can be customized to fill the entire screen if you wish. It’s designed to take a quick look at important information without distracting you. before opening it

Commands and Conversations are integrated with future updates to Windows 11, allowing you to share and mute windows directly from the taskbar.

Command integration now extends to the Edge browser, which means that separate tabs showing both GPU and crash panel information now appear in the Task Manager. sessions

Many stock apps have been redesigned, including File Explorer and the Microsoft Store. The latter includes support for Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, but you can also use the Epic Games Store if you wish. There is no indication that the Google Play Store will be added to Microsoft Windows 11, but the solution will allow you to do so

If you prefer to use official services, Google is also working on a special Play Store Games program that is expected to be compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10 and launched in 2022.

Stock Photos has also been redesigned by Microsoft Panos Panay, as shown below


Windows 11 also has a brand new Action Center that splits the Quick Settings Notifications and music controller into separate sections. Its design is inspired by Windows 10X, and the touchpad makes it easy to navigate with a pen or finger.

Windows 11 also has a new Snipping Tool that replaces Windows 10’s Snip & Sketch, but offers more functionality than the old Snipping Tool found in previous iterations of Windows.

Numerous stock applications have been redesigned to better adapt to the new design of Windows 11, including the Calculator Clock Notepad Media Player and File Explorer below.

Nine years later, we finally have a new volume

It is designed to be compatible with the rest of the Windows 11 UI. It supports both light and dark modes with the same sliders that appear when changing brightness via keyboard shortcuts. ability to remove the watch

Microsoft Teams integration has received mixed reviews, but now also applies to the Edge browser. This means that separate tabs showing both GPU and crash panel information now appear in the Task Manager. replaced with common characters during personal review sessions

Available from February 2022, Task Manager versions support Eco mode. This can be used to allocate more resources to certain programs by prioritizing others. life gets better

Elsewhere, Windows 11’s Dynamic Update Frequency feature is now available on compatible devices (including Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio), allowing panels above 60Hz to automatically adjust update speeds depending on what you’re doing, eliminating unnecessary power prevents loss.

The first major update for Windows 11 came in February 2022 and added several new features. These include the new functionality of the redesigned Notepad and Media Player taskbar, and a public view of local Android application support. Windows 11 itself

When Microsoft introduced Windows 11, the default made it difficult to change the browser, but in March 2022, the company canceled this decision. Starting with version KB50011563, HTTP HTTPS will have an option in Settings to set the browser as the default for HTML. and HTM files, again. You will also need to change the location where the PDFs are separately opened.

Updates are 40% smaller than Windows 10 and are implemented in the background, which means that they should not stop working. Windows 11 is also more energy efficient, which means that it should increase battery life in the long run, ie use less energy. which means your laptop should last longer

Check out our Products page for more Microsoft Products:

For specifications click Details

Upcoming Windows 11 features

Although Microsoft initially announced that Microsoft Windows 11 would undergo annual feature updates, it has since become clear that the operating system will receive new features throughout the year.

According to Windows Central In, most of this may come in the 22H2 update. Below are all new features will be tested soon.

  • Initially applied folders
  • Drag and drop to the taskbar
  • Quick Settings / Notification Center improvements
  • Files embedded in File Explorer
  • Acrylic hoods are something that Windows Latest has also reported
  • Snap Bar Shooting
  • UX Gestures for Start / Quick Settings Using Touch
  • New live hood function

In early March 2022, Microsoft announced Preview Build 22567, which combines more new features. These include new touch screen gestures, accessible voice commands, and Open with redesigned dialogs.


The February 2022 Insider structure has disabled several features that may be added in future updates. These include the ability to hide the taskbar when using Windows 11 as a tablet, a new maintenance mode in Settings, and stickers that can be pasted on desktop wallpaper. Accessing Priority notification sessions will be easier when you get Focus Assist, also known as Focus, and a few new features

Windows 11 is already a popular operating system for games, but Microsoft is testing another feature in Windows Insider. Pressing the Xbox controller and Xbox button connected to your computer will launch a new control panel that allows you to quickly switch between the latest versions. games and game launchers. how it will look

One of the most rumored but unconfirmed features is support for third-party widgets. According to screenshots taken from the Microsoft Store in January 2022, this is what FireCube is offering on Twitter.


It is unclear whether we will have to wait for the first feature update for Microsoft Windows 11 in 2022 to see all these potentially expected features. That’s all we know so far about the 22H2 update.

In Part 86 of the Fast Charge In weekly podcast mix, we discuss Windows 11 in detail.

Technical Advisor Guide for Windows 11

The site, which answers all the basic questions about Microsoft’s new operating system, also has a wide coverage of Microsoft Windows 11.


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Keep it open to Technical Advisor for more Windows 11 coverage in the coming weeks and months.

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