Zong 4G And PTA Sign An Agreement To Promote Gender Inclusion In ICT

Zong 4G And PTA Sign An Agreement To Promote Gender Inclusion In ICT

Zong 4G And PTA Sign An Agreement To Promote Gender Inclusion In ICT
Zong 4G has signed an agreement with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to promote gender inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Since its inception, the inclusion of women in employment and at all levels of society has been as critical to Zong’s CSR as it is to Zong’s professional ethics. Cooperation with Pakistan’s telecommunications regulator expands this vision of gender diversity.

Zong has always worked tirelessly to build and promote a more sexist workplace and society. The company offers women equal opportunities to succeed in the workplace and in society, as well as giving them a chance to prove their skills in some of the most important roles.

Focusing on inclusive growth, Zong has played an important role in promoting women both within and outside the organization.
Some of Zong’s initiatives to increase women’s participation and empowerment at work and abroad include:

Call centers with 49% female staff (both Pakistan and China); international standard home-based business model for call center staff; Career and development opportunities for female graduates through the GTO program; and an international holiday of meaning. Every year Women’s Day.

Other steps in this direction include: paying attention to the mental and physical health of female employees (sports, gym, yoga, breast cancer awareness, etc.); facilitation of services for working mothers; and the most modern kindergartens.

Establishment of digital laboratories, vocational training centers for female students, digital education of women through the Punjab Skills Development Foundation (PSDF), activation of female doctors through Sehat Kahani and Zong Women’s Volunteer CSR Ambassador Program are among others. Prominent initiatives from Zong.

Zong firmly believes that women have an integral role to play in realizing her vision of a progressive society and Digital Pakistan. Therefore, Zong is accelerating the participation and empowerment of women and is a leader in this field in the ICT industry.

A gender inclusive agreement with the PTA will help Zonga explore new and innovative ways to work not only to expand its horizons and attract more women to the workplace and give them a chance to grow in their careers, but also to be active and empowered in this area. society.

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