Zong Digitization Annual Business Conference 2022 Theme

Zong Digitization Annual Business Conference 2022 Theme

Zong Digitization Annual Business Conference 2022 Theme

Zong 4G hosted the 2022 Annual Business Conference, which was attended digitally by more than 250 employees within the organization.

At the event on “Digitalization”, Zong’s new brand slogan, the company’s management highlighted the annual achievements and milestones for 2021.


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The event reaffirmed Zong’s commitment to Digital Pakistan, highlighting his various initiatives to make the country equal to the global digital race, and excited staff for his contributions.

In addition, the consistent and tireless contribution of employees in making Zong a leading provider of communication and premium digital services was also highlighted and welcomed by senior management.

At the event, highlights of the company’s goals for 2022 and a broader vision for the future were shared with employees who are interested in the company’s goals.

The leadership also shared how Zong has pioneered Pakistan’s digital transformation and will continue to step up efforts to realize the Digital Pakistan vision.


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Zong Chairman and CEO Wang Hua shared the company’s main long-term strategic direction and Zong’s growth and development strategies for 2022 with employees.

Wang Hua said, “Congratulations to all Zong employees for achieving so many achievements in 2021.” We have reached many milestones that we owe to our valued employees and customers, and we have set new industry standards. ”

“Each member of the team did his best to make Zong Pakistan’s preferred connection and digital service provider and make Digital Pakistan a reality.”

He also highlighted Zong’s CSR contributions and his focus on creating added value to Pakistani society. “Zong believes we can help Pakistan transform into digital and enable every citizen through digital and intelligent transformation,” he said.

Zong, who has made employee health a top priority since March 2020, has adopted a home-based business model and successfully transformed the company into a new business model. For the second time since the pandemic, Zong is hosting the Digital Annual Business Conference.

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